Happiness is waking up in the Morning.

Happy Thanks giving!

I wake up several mornings a week thinking about how happy I am. Happiness was my goal after I couldn’t walk longer and had to stop working. It can be a grim reality to be able to climb high structures for ones entire life then one day it’s no longer possible. But I told myself as I saw it coming that I will accept it and just simply find new tasks as I let go of the old. It’s been 12 years or so and it had a steep learning curve.

I lose my ability to perform tasks, it’s a gradual lose which is good because I can make a smooth landing to new interests. I don’t miss the climbing with 100 pounds of tools in a bucket and a safety harness; giving up 100 foot ladders was a delight. As is not having to work in the weather any longer, or drive to work. Most things in my young life are merely memories now.

I woke one morning several years ago; I still wake up at 4:00am; Cowboy time. While laying there awake I hadn’t quite made it to “Happy”, I dove headfirst in a discussion with myself. What I came up with was a simple answer, one of those that is so obvious I wondered why I hadn’t realized it sooner. I decided I was most happy when I was 8 or 9 years old; before my Dad got seriously ill. I decided to emulate those carefree days, hardly a care in the world. I am not able to perform the same tasks but I can certainly adapt the attitude. I didn’t need money then and remarkably I don’t require much now as well.

It’s mostly a matter of living for the moment, I know that’s a bit cliche’ but the statement works for my goal.

It helps being older realizing not many young people pay a lot of attention to an old man. Some do like to listen to me however as long as it’s entertaining and not critical of them or their generation. To read, think and accept things as they are with no intention of changing anything relieves a lot of stress from an old guy.

My happiness is derived from listening, talking, and being pleasant around people. Not getting all wrapped up in Religion, Politics or any controversial subjects. I have adopted a quote from James Fenimore Cooper in the “Last of the Mohicans.” I live by this and one other, both Native American.

“My Grandfather told me; Do not try to change them, do not let them change you. They are a breed apart and have no sense.”

I was raised with a Native American expression that is much the same.

“Don’t ask the question if you don’t want to hear the answer.” They are nearly the same but the second was told to me repeatedly by my Sioux Father.

These are the things that make me happy.

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