Thanksgiving a good time to decide what’s important.

We’ve been cleaning up the “clutter” around our Casa since we bought the place 20 years ago. Originally our plan was to move to somewhere else in a semi-rural area. We’ve had several ideas over the years but there is one issue that holds up back; Clutter. We have succeeded in tossing one item in the trash, an old plastic Turkey platter we found in the side bar.

We (Mrs. Lebec and I) faced the inevitable again this morning while preparing the joint for Thanksgiving; we’re expecting around 32 family. We both have stuff, a lot of it, everything of her’s must be kept likewise with mine. “There’s a blue bucket in the garage, do you still need it?” she asked me. “Does it leak? How about a lid?” It’s the one I used to brew “worm tea,” I told her. You don’t do that any longer was the boss’s reply. I replied with “yeh but it’s a good bucket, oh well go ahead and toss it.” OK that’s two items in 5 years. Just exactly are we able to live without I wondered. I looked later and the bucket is still here, we’re stuck at one item gone.

I cannot imagine needing any more “stuff”, the definition of the word is “Matter”. Yes, stuff is according to Theological Physics matter.

The day we tossed the platter I suggested taking all 6 or 7 “junk” drawers and empty them into the trash. Any thing we need we could just purchase again, it didn’t go over well. I could live well without any of that stuff, but what could I not live without? Everything in the Kitchen has to stay, I’m not allowed in there and Mrs. Lebec “needs” all that matter. I couldn’t live without food, water or sleep, OK that’s universal for all humanity. Clothing, Transportation and entertainment are handy but not needed to sustain life. But the stuff I couldn’t live without are not items that sustain life; it’s not like I’m planning a trip to Mars.

I would not be able to live without my family, everyone all 32 of us. The little ones make my day merely by being sent a photo of them or talking on Facetime. The older Grandkids are from 16-27 I am always happy to see and talk with them. They give me faith in the future, besides I have to check up on what kind of legacy I’m leaving behind. Their Parents are wonderful as well, now they are all adults aged 40-50. When they arrive for Thanksgiving my only job is to be pleasant and tell a few jokes. Some are running jokes we have told one another for years. I like asking those that are in college or recently graduated from high school questions they cannot answer. Some times it takes me weeks to think of one, but we all end up laughing.

I make it a point to have plenty of balloons on hand for the little ones, Mrs. Lebec keeps “bubbles” on hand for them. Balloons inside, Bubbles outside, they keep the parents entertained as well.

Thanks Giving is a Huge deal in our house, two Turkeys accompanied with a lot of food supplied by everyone, it’s a big job preparing it all for one person. We all do what we can, my part is watching my son BBQ a Turkey.

I could go down the list to explain why I couldn’t live without all of them but it would fill a good size book. I’ll stick to my short stories and blogs, take a few pictures to gather some “Wows”. I can live without all of that but I wouldn’t be able to without the Family.

Jacques Lebec

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