Life’s ultimate pleasure Coffee

It doesn’t take too much for me to find a bit of joy in life; I’m always happy. That’s what life is about happiness everything else is fluff. However being happy cannot be improved upon but it can be enhanced, mainly sustaining that warm fuzzy feeling. I’ve written about my morning routine before however I don’t believe I described how good morning Coffee is.

I go onto the Levee most mornings avoiding inclement weather, I’m like the Wicked Witch of the West, water and I don’t mix. When I was a contributing member of society we would say ” the first drop to hit us is God’s fault the second is mine.” Working at heights is dangerous in the rain.

It rained last week and we are expecting more a few days before Thanksgiving, we need it. It helped with holding off the Wildfires; I’m writing a blog on them tomorrow.

Skunk puppy is anxious to get outside first thing in the morning, I’m way too slow for her. But I gotta hand it to her she has patience, we enjoy being out there together; thats an assumption on my part I don’t have a clue what she’s thinking. I’m happy about that because in my opinion even if animals knew how to speak English I don’t think we could figure out what they are saying due to differing priorities. I’m certainly not going into a bush somewhere and emerge chewing on something.

I’m honestly heading back to Coffee. We order coffee from San Francisco Coffee company, 3 pounds a month. We rarely run out any longer, we tried the same with Dog food; it didn’t work for several reasons.

My job in the brewing of coffee consists of filling the pot with water and informing Mrs. Lebec when the new shipment will arrive. That is the cross I bear every morning, well sometimes I forget then I’m informed I only have one job and I struggle to do that. No I have two jobs, I have to get ready to go outside; she forgets.

I attempt to stay on my toes on alert for her to head out with my insulated cup mixed with Swiss Miss and Coffee spiked with lactose free milk. On a cool morning with a slight fog there is nothing better; when we retreat to the house Peanut Butter Toast is generally on the menu. Made in a funky doodle dandy toaster it has to be flipped back and forth several times because it only toasts one side at a time. Mrs. Lebec is the absolute best toaster in the World. She told me this morning we need a new one to which I answered “Why don’t you pick one up while you’re out and about today?” Her reply was “You’re not one bit cute or funny.”

I surely think I am, she’s just a tough audience wouldn’t you agree? Yeh my life is tough but at least I have Coffee and Swiss Miss to lift up my spirits. I fear I did it again that’s another one of those “cute and funny” comments.

Jacques Lebec

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