I’m looking for Medical Records

Life can be quirky at times it’s always changing sometimes not for the best but most of the time it is. I had an appointment with a new Rheumatologist a few days ago I made a decision to see the Veterans Doctor. It’s a big deal for me to change because of my extensive medical record stretching back to the 1970’s with Kaiser. The new Doctor requested I send him all of my Rheumatology medical records; of course I said no problem. That’s where I begin.

I didn’t have much of an idea what that would involve, but what the hay I have time. I began on the Kaiser Web page then went to the VA website because I need to know where to send them. That part was fairly simple after talking to 4 wrong departments; I’m dealing with two huge conglomerations I have to keep that in mind. All I have to do is print the pages I need and mail them to the Medical Intake Department. There the VA is solved, kind of.

Going onto the Kaiser site I enter the medical records section and chose the “Request Medical Records” tab. So far so good, I was instructed to search my records for what I need, check the box selecting them then finally print; simple enough. I conjured up 40 pages, I had to decide if I wanted to print them all. Well I called Kaiser again navigated the automated voice answering blather, not hanging up while on hold I kept telling myself “they’re here to help stay calm.”

I called at 1:30, after lunch hour a very nice Lady answered the phone, I explained my issue to her. Her reply was “We have no way to separate the appointments to specific Doctors, you have to print the entire report.” I kind of expected that to be the situation. She continued “You have to search the entire list, note the dates and print them one at a time, if you have any problems call back.” My answer was “I don’t like that answer but I’ll accept it and start searching the data base.”

I have time the Doctor gave me 60 days I’ll be able to accomplish that, if not I’ll call the Lady back I’m confident if she can’t solve it I will get some good advice; I have her number.

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