Change takes “Want to.”

When I am asked how long it’s been since I last worked; honestly I don’t remember. I actually stopped working due to not being able to perform my job any longer. I did mostly mechanical type jobs with breaks while working with livestock or around them, still there was a lot of wrenching involved. I worked several jobs in Supervision of Mechanics, I must admit I did not like those jobs, the worst of them were working for people that had no idea how to lead.

The last position I held which was a mistake to take on my part, my boss had no leadership skills. He had called me into his office one day to talk about me teaching people how to trouble shoot machinery. That question has been a subject of my thoughts during the past years since I became disabled. My reply to him was from my perspective it is a trait one is born with. I went on to tell him the reason is curiosity, to trouble shoot anything curiosity is a must; and it cannot be taught. Nearly every job requires curiosity which to me reads as interested in what ever the tasks involve. I don’t think curiosity can be applied willy-nilly anytime it is needed to whatever that need is.

You have to have the “want to,” trouble shooting machinery won’t work if one does not possess that quality coupled with curiosity. It is difficult to “teach” a step by step problem solving system to those with no Want to lacking curiosity towards that particular challenge. However that doesn’t mean the person with no mechanical curiosity has none towards any task or position. If you have tried to “teach” someone with no interest how to perform a task is an up hill battle likely to fail. Try to teach a child how to play the Piano when he/she are being forced into it by a parent.

I read an article years ago about a young man dedicated to teaching Curiosity to his students; the gist of my opinion to him was that it cannot be taught. That started a lengthy discussion; of course he disagreed. It brings to my mind a quote from “The last of the Mohicans” by James Fenimore Cooper “My Grandfather told me; Do not try to change them, Do not let them change you, They are a breed apart and have no sense.”

All of these years later I have not changed my mind, ego or stubbornness? I don’t think it is but I’m looking through a narrow slit when it comes to judging my self.

To go one step further does that mean I don’t think people can or are able to change? No not at all, people are able to change but they must have the “want to.” Total commitment and a clear vision of the goal is needed, there are many ways that help stay on that track.

But to teach a person a task they have no interest in at all I can’t do, neither is it possible for me to instill the curiosity needed to learn it. Conversely place them in front of an activity that they are interested in and they will flourish. I am not able to teach trouble shooting machinery nor can I instill curiosity in a subject to someone that has none. I am not able to change someone’s mind or way of thinking; all of that has to be from within that person.

That is when they may change their minds of which they are capable of achieving without my help. Yes then minds can change, but not by anything I can do.

Jacques Lebec

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