The Paleo Diet; I’ll pass.

It seems as though Mrs. Lebec goes to the Grocery Store at least 3 times a week not counting the quick stops she makes for needed items. Fortunately the most important food (?) from my perspective is Coffee we have on a delivery schedule from San Francisco Coffee.

She went today so we put them away after carrying them up 3 floors to the kitchen she put them away. Actually I have a stair lift which she uses as a dumb waiter to carry stuff up (I am referred to as the Old Dumb Waiter that doesn’t work any longer). She is a very good cook and will not allow me into the kitchen, for good reasons actually I’m a Bull in a China Shop; we eat well.

As they were being placed in their proper spots in the kitchen she told me what was in the bags. That got me to thinking about an article I read on the Paleo Diet; I was listening to her at the same time. As many of us know the Paleo Diet eliminates carbs relying upon meat mostly. Actually that is a bit of a misnomer, the Ancient peoples of the world did not live a Carbohydrate free existence. They were Hunter/Gatherers Men went hunting Women gathering, raising the kids and doing everything else like making baskets to collect various foods. Among those foods were a lot of tubers, plant roots, stalks, nuts and grains. All of which are Carbs, Hunter/Gatherers ate opportunistically. Meaning whatever was ripe or in season they would gather and consume.

If Walnuts were in season that’s what they would eat for as long as they were. The same with everything else, once in a while they would have meat. That depended upon their locale if they lived near the Ocean Sea Food was on the menu, near a lake or stream supplied much the same. Scientist have discovered remnant’s of ground seeds, nuts and grains along with evidence of them being cooked into bread like eat’s.

I shudder to think about what they would eat or how it was prepared; they ate a lot of raw stuff. Dysentary and food poisoning loomed large, infestations from bugs and of course death because that shouldn’t really be eating that stuff.

Now in modern times it is seen as an excellent way to eat, minus the Vegetables, (I cringe at the word “Veggies”). Some people eat an all meat diet and call it the Paleo Diet, it’s not accurate.

I won’t go on a diet like that, actually I’m on the “If it tastes good you can’t have it diet.” Otherwise known as the “Heart healthy diet” that one works and will help keep me alive for a while. Unlike the Paleo Diet, I am not able to figure out why some would choose to follow an Ancient diet when the practitioners 100,000 years ago lived to the ripe old age of 35 which was considered “Old Age.”

I’m sure this dialog was shared commonly “Hey Dad I have Dysentary.” To which “Dad” replies ” Well. go get behind that tree and don’t come back until you’re cured.” Or the Old Man asking the Wife ” Are you sure this isn’t poisonous?” To which the Wife answers “It shouldn’t be, but just to be safe feed it to little Maya if it is we’ll find out soon enough.” Mom says to little Maya “Let me know if you start to get a tummy ache honey, I have some of this stuff I want to try out as a cure.”

“OK, Maya replies as she eats whatever was dragged into camp.

Any who now she wants to know what my favorite meal is my reply is “It all depends upon how hungry I am.”

Jacques Lebec

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