My claim to fame is pretty cool.

I field so many questions from the Grandkids I am hardly able to keep track of them. A recent inquiry was if I have ever met a famous personality. I took it that my answer of “Why yes I sat behind Sonny Bono on an airplane from Las Vegas once” just wouldn’t crack that egg. So I came up with one that ended up being one of the most exciting in my young life.

I was born and raised South of Minneapolis, Bloomington Minnesota originally named “Oxboro.” Our house was within one mile of the Minnesota Twins Baseball park, we snuck in a lot of games. But that’s a different story. One street over Tony Olivia lived, he was an extremely nice person, he was on my paper route and would talk to me while he watered his lawn. My intent is not to downplay my relationship with him. However next door the left fielder for the Twins, Bob Allison lived, I knew him less than Tony Olivia. But one day we were playing baseball in the street and three cars pulled up into his driveway.

The car doors opened and several men excited, the first I recognized was Yogi Berra, he waved and shouted “Hey! How youse doing?” Holy Cow! The second man way Casey Stengel, he placed his arm around Yogi while they walked towards the house. Whitey Ford, and several others followed clearly 1/2 of the New York Yankees team. Wow Roger Maris, Mickey Mantle I can’t remember them all or what they talked to us about; but it was a huge event in our lives. Of course we knew several Minnesota Twins players besides Tony Olivia, among them; Harmon Killebrew, Richie Rich and the short stop Zoila Versalles. These guy’s we were comfortable calling by their first names; never ever underestimate a bunch of 10 year old boys. That I claim was my 15 minutes of fame, sort of.

Jacques Lebec

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