Fire and Smoke.

We are in it now, the WildFire season is upon us. Four fires are being fought right now. The Largest is the fire in Yosemite National Park; it is 0% contained. The three others are from 0% to 38% contained. One fire has been burning for two months, it’s called the Marsh fire near the river North of Pittsburg. The peat is most likely on fire under the ground, unfortunately when it begins to burn it’s difficult to extinguish. We had a peat fire on our Island about 10 years ago that burned for 3 months. Another fire started tonight not too long ago it is filling our sky with smoke, I cannot be in the smoke so I stay indoors with the air purifier. It may be bad in the morning but the sky is not filling with smoke too quickly.

This is a picture of the Island across the slough from me taken March 19, 2022 when it was wet with standing pools in the pasture. Although it remains mostly green there are major dry spots. We haven’t received any rain that would impact the drying. However fog has rolled in bringing moisture with it which may delay the onslaught for a day or two.

I’m not sure what we will do if the smoke gets as bad as it was in 2019 when we experienced the Orange sky. I asked Mrs. Lebec if she thought renting an apartment or house on the coast would be OK with here. She gave me a wishy washy “yeh we may have to.” I don’t want to go through another summer breathing toxic gases.

The smoke doesn’t appear to affect some of the animals, others have disappeared most likely to cleaner air. But it’s almost as if they can sense fires before they start. However I suspect the Marsh Fire may have been spewing enough smoke in light amounts for several months and is just enough for the birds to sense fire.

The dark background in this image is not smoke, it was taken during the early morning with a foggy backdrop from fog. On a high note I read a few minutes ago that the Arson whom started the Truckee fire has been arrested; not only for that one but 11 others as well. I don’t think this is the same person arrested last year for setting 12 unless a gender identification was mistaken; the second Arson was a Lady. I have felt for a long time Arson should have it’s own investigative department. After all most fires are human caused with 80% deliberate and 20% identified as being started accidentally. The decisions are are made by professional fire fighters directly after the fire is extinguished. I definitely am not qualified for that position making those decision to be examined by Lawyers, Judges and Law enforcement for decades.

An Egret warming in the cool early Spring morning. I’m not sure if the Arson investigations are automatic or have to be requested by anyone who was in the vicinity. Allowing just any Tom, Dick or Harry may be a monumental disaster.

At any rate the smoke has most of us with weeping eyes, a cough and other allergy type problems. The smoke is not bad tonight but that is a live for the moment issue, I may visit the Doctor this week as well to be tested for allergies.

Jacques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

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