My Lens Fell Apart; It’s off to be repaired.

Well when something bad happens early in the morning it doesn’t have to ruin our entire day; sometimes it does. I woke this morning and proceeded to go through my morning routine part of which is opening the slider and sitting in the cool breeze for a few minutes. There was two Great Blue Herons on a dock, I took my camera from the closet and proceeded to set it up. The lens fell apart into my lap, the lens I use every day was destroyed.

A beautiful Osprey.

It’s two years old almost to the day, I bought it August 15, 2020. I got on the horn to Tamron (the manufacturer) to get the instructions and go ahead to send it in for repairs. I filled out all of the paperwork, got all the receipts and packed it all with bubble wrap from the garbage can (isn’t that where we store that stuff?). I found a box (thanks to Amazon) and boxed it up, it was taken to the post office and sent to New York. Insured, securely packed now I wait. It will be there Monday, then it takes an hour or two for them to estimate the damage so I can pay the bill up front. From that point it’s suppose to have a 3 day turnaround, of course I don’t think it can be repaired; I mean this thing fell apart with a chip taken out of the interior it looks bad.

Regardless I may have a serious decision to make, these things are not cheap. Tamron is a independent lens maker their products are good and high quality. But if it cannot be repaired I am going to look at buying a Canon lens, a used one is $2300.00, twice what the Tamron is. However if the off brands last a mere 2 years it is worth the extra cost. I will buy the lens from the Camera shop I frequent locally. Some good advice is do not purchase any camera equipment from Amazon, ebay or a free flowing ad on FaceBook. You will be scammed by them.

At $2300.00 it is well worth it because this lens has a life of at least 20 years which ends up costing just over $100.00 a year.

To tell the truth I have been having focusing problems which has been the subject of many of my blogs discussing how I could not figure out why it would jump focus. I have found the reason, it’s been broken for about six months. The reason it crapped out is going to be determined it was dropped, which it wasn’t, I believe it was worn out inside. I have used that lens every day for two years, I’m not sure it was designed for that heavy of usage.

What happens if it is repairable? Should I keep it and use it while looking for another? That’s most likely what I will do, I can place one on lay-away and pay it off monthly; in that case I’d purchase a new one. If it still has focusing issues I will not be able to place the quality of my time, effort and not to mention photographs in jeopardy it’s just too important to me. This blog makes it sound like I’ve made a decision, I have.

Wildfire update; A fire is burning on an Island several miles away, the wind is driving the smoke to the North East. It’s burning under a wind mill farm with this wind it could be catastrophic (more than it is). A marina burned down July 4th and took it’s entire site and all of the stored boats with it. A river side restaurant burnt down last week, we see smoke from another one in the distant. It’s not looking real good so far this year. There have been 3-4 more I am not able to remember, here we go.

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