Experimenting With Black Backgrounds

While going through my photographs editing, looking and deleting I come across many slightly overexposed (and under exposed as well) photos that gave me an idea. I look at them thinking of unique ways to deal with them. The first Heron I took on went through quite a few different transitions until I came up with one I liked. It’s a good idea but I’m re-doing this one with a different picture.

After completing this I sat back for a while attempting to either like or dislike it; the jury is still out on that. It got some good comments which makes me realized that not everyone has the same taste. I decided to go with the 30% rule, 33% will love it, 33& will be indifferent and 33% will not appreciate it at all. It remains to be the middle 33% that makes the decision. It’s exactly like political polls, if someone drops below 48% they are going to lose. But it’s different with art because those that don’t like something won’t comment on it and we never know how many people scrolled on by. Well anyway I posted it and got mostly good reviews so I decided to do one more.

I chose the Night Heron of which I blacked out the background, I posted it on the local FaceBook page. I may or not receive comments, I post there at least twice a week normally Friday and Saturday nights. That is unless I develop a picture like the one above which I like quite a bit. I’m going to re-do the Blue Heron (top photo) because the background is a bit obscure. But when the rubber meets the road I like them both; whether that means I will do more like it remains to be seen. The whole idea is to produce a photo that is unique and different than any I have seen prior.

I actually made three, this photo is like the first image; I’m not sure what to think of it. It doesn’t have that “come hither” look to it instead it feels a bit “industrial” if that makes any sense at all. Maybe “processed” is the correct word, at any rate it’s a bit cold and off – putting for me. It’s a Night Heron as the second photo is but it doesn’t capture it as such. By this picture I cannot tell what species it is and that is incredibly important in photography. I am not planning on pursuing this type of image with a black background in the near future. I will use this method with a Great White Heron next.

A bit on the Wild fires:

We’ve had two bad fires (not to be confused with a good one) starting yesterday. One burned down a resort marina on an Island about 5 miles from me. It’s a shame the restaurant was very good and they regularly had live bands as entertainment. I hope they are able to rebuild, construction in this area is not only extremely expensive but contractors are impossible to find. The second fire is more of what we are familiar with, a huge fire burning under a wind mill farm. That is the first report through the coconut telegraph and it may be inaccurate, but usually after the initial report the fire department releases a report to our Facebook page. That is our path for receiving local news quickly; I certainly don’t rely on it for anything else but scuttle butt and complaining people. The wind is with us blowing the smoke North East; away from us.

Jacques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

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