The Canadians Have Returned for the 4th of July.

I did not go outside until noon, the wind was blowing hard 24mph and the wind chill factor was “Old Man”. I take that back a bit I did go out on the Levee early this morning but spent very little time there.

I’m not sure what has happened over the past month but it’s like the wild life has packed up to take a vacation.

The brood of Canadians is the off spring of these two mating pairs. The Parents were on one dock mostly asleep while the fledglings made a racket next door. They were impatient seeming to demand the parents get up and at it. It reminded me of humans and their children “When are we going to leave?” was one of the request I imagined hearing.

All eyes are on Mom and dad; these guy’s are ready to go on a flight around the slough. There are eleven Goslings six in one brood five in the other. I have watched them from when they were born in February, it was a bit confusing because all of them would be with one mating pair one day and the next day the numbers were all in disarray. I saw them the day they all left the slough, it was more of a train wreck in motion as they had just learned to fly. (Sort of if you can call it flying). One of the young birds took off rocketing straight up to the heavens when the wind caught it and flipped it over in mid-air. Much to the credit of the young bird it recovered swiftly and continued on as if nothing happened. It was the last I saw of them until last night.

Just after dusk last night I had returned to the house after a fruitless photo session when five minutes later their flock flew past in the center of the slough. There lacked time for me to grab the camera, set it up and take pictures. With very limited night photo experience it most likely would have been disappointing. They had been gone for a month, where they went I have no idea but they all came back excellent fliers and good wind pipes.

One flew past the window just a few minutes ago heading West. Tomorrow morning will help clear things up a bit, if I see them going to the point where their nest are I will assume they returned.

The photo above is an old picture taken during April of one of the mating pairs. I was unable to catch an image of them flying today; it would have been a confusing picture if they were all to take off at once. But that’s what I was waiting to photograph for over an hour. The flock did nothing during that time other than laze around being noisy. Towards the end of my observation I found myself muttering to myself “just do something will you.” They never did until I returned to the house, looking out side 1/2 hour later they were gone; oh well there’s always tomorrow, today I still have 200 images to edit. They are good images but I may scan through them and delete 150 of them, too many look alike. I enjoy editing, every one I edit is a learning experience; often I will edit bad photos just to see what I can do with it. It’s good practice.

Jacques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

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