During the past week I have been on what I thought was to be a fairly simple route; take a picture of the US Flag to post on the local FaceBook page.

I used one of the two different flags as the features image this month.

A photo of my neighbors flag, it is a combination of 1/2 USA Flag and 1/2 is the Flag of Ukraine. It doesn’t hold a special meaning for me except it demonstrates our commitment to help them. It’s not my goal to create controversy or political unrest, I merely think it makes a pretty image in the morning Sun. I took in the neighborhood of 200 pictures of the two flags; 2 ended up being good enough to post. 198 images were deleted. I’m pleased with the two I kept, both are posted on this blog.

During the lull in action I took more photos of Egrets, Great Blue Herons and Hummingbirds. I wrote a blog with the Hummingbirds as the main characters. I spent all morning editing, deleting and working with the images. I ended up out of around 200 pictures 175 are keepers; I had the camera and location set it was just a matter to; Aim-Focus-Shoot. It did take a while to set up the camera in order to Aim-Focus-Shoot.

I was messing around with Abstracts yesterday while editing Herons; the image above is one of the victims. I blacked out the background and brought out the hidden blue that is not visible during the day. I entered it in a contest which will be interesting and I posted in three FB sites. I received better comments than I could have hoped for; many people liked it a lot. I don’t know what to think of it, this is where being ones worse critic kicks in. So it’s out there in cyberspace gathering comments, I was surprised when a person commented that he ” Loves it?” It’s a long wait until the winner is chosen, will it be this picture? I sure don’t know.

The Great Blue Herons are on the slough to catch fish to satisfy both its appetite and it’s Fledglings back at the tree-top Ranch. A lady asked me yesterday about photos of the Osprey I posted over the past week or so. She was wondering where their Rookery is located; I answered with “I have no idea” and I don’t. I reckon it may be on a nearby Island high in an old snag. I have learned if a Egret or Great Blue Herons is found steer clear; they can and will attack us curious creatures. I would not like to be dive bombed by any bird let alone one the size of either the Heron or the Egret.

Sometimes every one puts their shirt on inside out as the Blue Heron apparently must have done this morning. The Heron was active on the far Levee early this morning; I suspect it may be from hunger. This Heron is what I believe to be a member of this past winters brood. I have no way of knowing for sure but it is considerably smaller than the two I believe are the parents. However they are ( there are two by my observation, but 4-6 would not be out of the question.

It was actually cool all day today, wind (of course), clouds making it appear to be near a rain storm and temperature; the wind chill factor was set at “Old Man” and let it go at that.

I missed writing the blog again yesterday, we had a bunch of people slated to come by on the 4th for Fish Tacos. Everyone canceled due to testing positive with C-19; a Son-in-law is in bed very ill. The Doctor told him not to go to the ER unless his breathing was getting progressively worse. Of course I got sick as well, not from C-19 but most likely a bit of stress.

Jac Labec Natural Self Reliance

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