Temperature + Wind = Wildfires

The weather is warming up todays forecast was 80º F and tomorrows will follow at 90º F. It won’t reach that here along the river, my prediction is a slight warming with the continuing wind at 15-25mph; we’ll see if I’m right. My scorecard is not real good on being correct with predictions I’m at 98% wrong with the remaining 2% iffy leaning towards my favor. I could realistically predict snow for tomorrow and it wouldn’t hurt my average at all. Rain is predicted for this coming Saturday; I’m expecting cloudy skies; again my average will be tested.

However the weather is changing as we head into Summer it seems at an accelerated rate or in the least it’s happening earlier in the year. The wind blows here from the end of April until the first of September with a few days of relief. As an example we had two days with no wind during that period last year. Nearby is an Island (Brannon) one of the windiest spots on the West Coast which was the site of the X-games wind surfing competition.

It gets to be a steady wind for months, the last two weeks before September 1st I am ready for it to stop.

Wind does have some redeeming qualities; kite flying, sailboats and wind farms are obvious. It relieves a bit of human suffering in keeping the Mosquitos at bay, it keeps the temperature down and creates a big cool off after dark; it’s a great relief in the Central Valley Desert called the Delta Breeze.

There are negatives as well, drying is accelerated, aids wildfires and supports fires. That is my concern it seems the older I am the more Wildfire is at the forefront of my mind this time of year. When I was younger my ideas on preventing them were more like bumper sticker words than actual sound ideas. At least now I am able to admit I have no clue how as to what action to take or the details of fighting these monsters. They are sure to begin soon; if I remember correctly last year had an early start, I’m 80% sure it was July; but that may be adding to my 98% average wrong rate.

When the News declares the conditions are perfect for the fires to start, they do. Either they are really good at predicting them (which they are) or arsons take it as a signal to ignite their matches is clear. The conditions are ripe, lightening strikes, excessive heat and accidental human causes are all in effect. I live in the Southern part of the high risk area, human nature dictates our thoughts to think it won’t happen here. Maybe not but if it does we’re in serious trouble, our Island is 7 miles across with one road out. Our best escape is by boat or on a dock in the water.

Jacques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

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