False Spring

I spied a Coopers Hawk while on my scooter sitting in the garden waiting for the next exciting event to take place. He was watching me from under the tree cover and was difficult to determine what it was. I saw a movement which I thought was a tree Rat at first as it was too large to be a Red Squirrel.

It’s a good looking bird, he was about 50 feet from me and blended in nicely with his surroundings. I often wonder if the wild ones are aware of their appearance enough to know the best spots to blend in. I have seen Rabbits run into thickets matching them perfectly even though they are domesticated Rabbits that after generations are wild. How in the world a black and white bunny knows to hide where it can’t be seen escapes me. Well anyway I ended up following this guy for a mile, I on the road and it flying every direction.

I came across several interesting species while on my quest, I merely wanted to take a photo of the Hawk in the air; it ended up being much more difficult than I had anticipated. It flew West and I South where I came across two Ravens flying side/side, my assumption was they were mates. It has been the belief Ravens unlike Crows only fly with their lifelong mates, however it is now suspected they associate with others. But it still escapes me how they are able to tell the difference by appearance between friend and foe. To humans they all look exactly the same, there is a trait only they see identifying one another. They were big Ravens today and appeared to be enjoying the clear skies.

I counted 14 Squirrel nests in the trees directly across the road from my house; the same spot the Hawk was perching. I have seen this before except involving an Owl, Crows and Squirrels. The Owl was on a low branch on which a Red Squirrel was on the thin end above them was the mob of Crows harassing the Owl. The Squirrel appeared to be totally indifferent to the entire ordeal; I’m not sure if the Owl saw him at all. The center of attraction were the Crows acting like a bunch of junior high kids. Finally the Squirrel scrambled to another tree, the Owl went into it’s nesting box and the Crows settled down but were pretty excited for quite a while.

I took a bunch of images of the Sparrows pecking the ground in front of me, these little guys are everywhere.

I was about 50 feet from a large female Red Tailed Hawk perching on a utility pole. I am not going to take any more pictures of Hawks on utility poles with insulators on them. As I waited for it to take to the air, I watched her for 1/2 hour; she didn’t budge so I moved along. I rode the remaining bit to the end of the road which took about 45 minutes. I had stopped for a while to watch a flock of Sea Gulls grabbing minnows from the water. I returned to the spot where the large Hawk remained perched, stopping to wait for her to take to the air; after 1/2 hour there wasn’t the move of a feather.

I decided to head home leaving the majestic bird in the lurch, or rather on top of the pole. When I got 1/4 mile on the road the Hawk flew overhead landing in a tree ahead of me with the Sun behind her making it impossible to take a good photo of her flying my adventure with this Hawk had come to an end.

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to take to the road with my camera for a while after being holed up in the house due to the weather. Now we are quarantined again for who knows how long; I’m fortunate to live in a rural area with little human contact on a general basis. We’ve been restricted two years next month, like everyone else the shine has worn off on the jewel.

Jacque Lebec Natural Self Reliance

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