I Lost 4500 pictures; for a while.

I have diligently backed up my Lightroom C photos storing them in one of my pair of two Terabyte external drives. MacBooks store by default a bunch of stuff on what’s called Macintosh D, the main drive. Mine was packed solid with files from Lightroom and photoshop. My computer froze up because it was so jammed up. I had no other choice then to wipe the hard drive clean and re-install the Operating system. I re-installed everything including Lightroom Classic, then lost the backup; 4500 images gone with the wind potentially. I ended up finding the backup, it was on the Macintosh HD, I fired it up and all of my images loaded within a few seconds.

A huge part of photography during these modern times is storage, videos, photos and music take an enormous amount of space. Had I known when I loaded the Photoshop suite of apps an external drive would have solved that in the beginning. They are much more cost effective then to purchase storage in the cloud, which I also expanded to 1 terabyte now I have 3 terabytes; now all I need is to learn how to use it in the most efficient way.

It is a good time to re-organize while the wet weather settles in, my wheelchair and scooter do not tolerate the rain real well. But it’s not like I don’t have anything else to do, but most of it is done while I’m sitting down. That makes it easy to jump from one task to another; I’m 6 short stories behind, I need to get with it.

Any how this exercise was well worth it I cleared a ton of storage and the photo editors are working good now. Next is to take on Bridge and Photoshop the goal is to set it up for all of the data to be saved on an external drive.

Jan Lebec Natural Self Reliance

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