Three Vaccines; Three Masks.

I wrote this blog on March 3rd the day I got my first Covid Vaccine inoculation, I received the 2nd shot March 30th. My third injection was two weeks ago September 7th or there about. I don’t bother with the political stuff involved I will do whatever is deemed the best course of action. I don’t mind wearing the mask as I have done in my work a day life for 50 years. The mask saved my lungs from exposure to particles and chemicals. I’m not concerned if someone raises cain about having to be isolated and wear a mask, I am indifferent to their choice. I’m not going to risk my life by not being vaccinated. I have never felt guilty about receiving the many inoculations I have received over the years of my life. I have never regretted getting the polio vaccine, or the flu shots I get every year. This blog speaks of what I experienced in so far as reactions are concerned.

The Snowy Egret above was photographed yesterday September 20th 2021. It makes me think of a middle school student waiting for a bus.

I finished writing this blog March 30th however I was only able to make it 1/2 through my second. I had to stop due to what I have since discovered was the first reaction to my second C-19 vaccine. After the first vaccine (part 1) I had a reaction, joints swelled, headache and total body pain in every joint. That incident was not bad enough for me to spend the day in bed or even in the house, I was merely uncomfortable. I spent that time taking it a bit easy, it took three days for it to pass. This incident which started last night (Sunday) began in a different way. The initial effect was my eyesight, I was writing the blog when I suddenly began to see double. That has happened before but it was while I was awaiting cataract surgery and was one of the symptoms to be expected. I folded up my laptop, leaned the chair back and decided to forego writing for the remainder of the night.

I still managed to capture a few images earlier in the day, the Blue Heron in the photo above is a smidgen out of range which explains the softness. The big birds are all beginning to leave their nests now that the eggs have hatched and the chicks are free wheeling under the protection of their nearby parents.

I’m feeling fine right now but I know this has not run it’s course yet. Part of that prediction is due to my being an at risk person, Mrs. Lebec and I felt I would have a reaction. I did but it really is not a big deal, yes I was dreadfully ill with the expectation it would last 3-4 days, I settled in for the long run. At around 2 this afternoon much of the pain was gone, it was then limited to a few pesky spots that frankly are problems on my best days. I was not able to walk more than a few steps, I normally struggle walking but 50 steps (per day) is more of my normal distance. Now the only difference is my joint pain is gone, I remain ill but that’s not a big deal.

The Green Herons were out and about yesterday morning as well, my goal was to capture one in flight. That seems to always be my goal, it’s actually quite fun tracking birds through the air then snapping a picture. It takes a lot of practice to be able to consistently get good quality detailed photos of the subjects.

I was fortunate enough to be able to capture the photo above, another Snowy Egret casting a reflection.

I received my third shot two weeks ago, at first I didn’t think I experience side effects. With this inoculation they were subtle, my pain may have increased a slight amount but it didn’t to the point of me noticing. When a person has chronic pain it is difficult to feel an increase however in a new spot is quite noticeable. My reaction was extreme fatigue, I was so tired all of the time it was hard to function. A major sign usually if I am reacting to a medical issue is the back of my left leg is in extreme pain and stops me from walking. It happened a slight amount, just enough to notice. It is now two weeks after my 3rd an I’m feeling fine. I have begun to partake in my usual routine. Up early, outside with coffee and my camera then continue on with my day. However I am experiencing what I hope is the final reaction, I am no longer able to walk at all; my legs have given into Covid 19. I suspect that is a serious side effect that nothing will be able to help

The Mute Swans were the main feature of Mondays blog. They are an invasive species in California human planted from the North Eastern United States.

Yesterday’s time outside was spent well in the garden, cleaning stuff up and putting some fertilizer (home made from my Earthworm farm) together for the neighbor. I finished planting the Green Beans, a variety that is suppose to do well in a low rain high temperature climate. They are called “Alligator” or “Asparagus” Beans, they came with an owners manual along with step by step directions how to plant them.

As this blog was written at the end of March I must add an update, the Green Beans were a flop, they did not grow.

I did not have a wildly successful garden. The atmosphere is extremely dry as is the soil we could not get enough water placed on it. Plus the Organic composted garden soil I purchased set up like cement, I purchased 30 three cubic foot bags of the stuff, I won’t post brand names but that stuff was junk.

Jacques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

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