Wildfire very Close.

The wind is still blowing from West to East, it’s our prevailing and it is up from April until September. But this year is different generally we have a few days during the Summer when it lets up, allowing us to Bar-B-Que. This year it has not let up except for a few times overnight, never during the day. It has turned into a dry treacherous wind now. We woke up to a wildfire out of control on a nearby Island, luckily it is across a fairly wide stretch of water. But it’s still within a mile of the Eastern side of our Island.

Above is a view from the road my house is located on, I took this at 4pm this afternoon; August 2, 2021. It is roughly five miles from this point to the Levee on the Eastern side, it’s another 3/4 mile to the fire. There is no fire protection on that Island, no bridges, but there is a Ferry. The Fire Department drove to the end of our Main Street and sat there watching because it isn’t their responsibility, it’s a sad day. People live on that Island, they have a ranch with livestock, plus it’s not soil it’s Peat. It is a dangerous situation, one issue is the Peat is very difficult to extinguish, the only way is to flood the entire surface. Unfortunately the residents are unable to find the flood pumps, there are three one has been found. Word was sent out asking if anyone knows where they are, they are desperate for help. The Peat moss may burn for a very long time underground.

There are calls for the fire boat which had been stolen about 5 years ago, perhaps longer. Our Island held the berth it was in, one day it had been moved to an inland City because that’s where the operator lived. I am guessing a bunch of Islands don’t have anyone who is qualified to drive a boat. From the inland City it was sold to another, who got the money is unclear, from there it disappeared. No one knows where it is, no one cares outside of the people the disappearance has place in jeopardy.

One day it will be our Island, we most likely won’t fare much better. If it starts on the North end in this wind and one way to evacuate; I fear the worst. Mrs. Lebec wants to leave now.

Jacques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

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