The World is bigger than the room we’re in.

All of these months I’ve been gathering images of the critters on Taylor Slough (my home) I have a large gallery of bird photos. Most of them are water birds although the Starlings, Hawks and Red Wing Blackbirds cannot be classified as such. A lot of animals make this Delta home they are scattered amongst the thousands of Islands that dot this 1500 mile waterway the largest Delta on the West Coast. Besides all of the water wars, Government regulations and the recreation users it has an issue with being recognized. Many people in the Bay Area have no idea that we exist, nay not we the Delta. For many it is a resource to invest in and turn a profit.

“The World is bigger than the room I’m in” is a quote from Mrs. Lebec, she has used it often since I met her. Its meaning is to make sure our outlook and opinions reflect a well rounded view of our lives and to realize there is more to it than what we see from our window.

I’m mentioning this because of an encounter I have had with a posting on our local FaceBook page. A young lady that should know better gets on the site and rants, once a month normally close to the first. I won’t comment on why it is close to the first of the month but I have a theory. She rants with no punctuation and mis-spelled words how the world is treating her so poorly. She goes on endlessly talking dirt about the residents of the Island then tells us we need to support her.

In my world I don’t tell people what rotten buggers they are then ask for help from them. She is a Native Californian and has lived in the area her entire life, that is her small room.

I did not comment mostly because I can’t for the life of me understand what she is saying. Her post would make more sense if she cut each word out of a dictionary, place them in a bag then draw them randomly. Putting them in sentences would make more sense.

However that’s why I read about many different things, English History, Nature, and National Parks of all countries. Each of us are capable of living in a small room thinking that’s all there is to reality, but in real life we know it’s not true.

There is no need for all of us to travel or read together as the local Pelican Flock does, or to be obnoxious loners as the huge Grizzly Bears in the North are. Our journey is traveled solo, we are alone, I have 32 direct family members however each of us are in the end alone. In that isolation in order for us to stay healthy in all aspects of our lives it is up to us as individuals. Sure we can ask for help from one another, and we do, but we all realize that continued support from a family member is not a solution. The only real remedy is for a person to be self-aware, self-sufficient and accept self-responsibility. The path to these is staying informed and engaged locally, State-wide and Nation wide. The only way to bring that to reality is to read, study and think.

The young Squirrel above had never been on that dock prior to this day but he took it upon himself to find out what is down there. Curiosity is an uncontrollable emotion, it has driven humans to migrate effectively populating the entire world. I’m the last person in the world that would attempt to tell someone what they “must do” in their life, but this young lady ranting sure needs someone to tell her. It’s a sad situation, I’m not talking about her being habitually down and out but how she let herself accept this existence of self-pity, anger and entitlement. She has allowed herself to not only feel as if society owes it to her for help, but she feels as if it is owed to her by us that have worked our entire lives establishing our lifestyles.

I’m not talking from some lectern perched on high in a European Grand Cathedral or even on a stump in middle America. I come from a place of no excuses and hard work as most of the people of our great country have; I was born and raised poor supporting a dying father. I am a middle of the road 70 year old fiscally conservative and socially more liberal, I’m all for helping people when it helps. However after writing rants each month for several months pointing out what’s wrong with all of us at some point she should offer up a game plan to expand her room.

She lived in an old broken down RV with her child, it was parked on the side of the road in front of a Marina known for its problems. Last week her RV burned to the ground, she claims arson, to the rest of us it was junk that caught on fire. It’s OK from my viewpoint for her to request if someone has one they want to be rid of, there are a lot of them around here not being used. But it seems to me at some point people should wake up in the morning, look around them and say “Man, this is a bad situation, I have to plan a way out.”

But very few ever do, I can’t think of a single person on the Island that would not help her if she would ask. Or perhaps say what she wants in the form of help other than money because that rarely helps someone in her situation. What she needs is to begin reading and if her desire is to write rants she needs to study grammar and spelling.

We can all make our reality rooms bigger, although they will never become large enough to engulf the entire world; we owe it to ourselves to enlarge it. It would literally do this lady and others in her situation a world of good.

Jacques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

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