I’ve been sleeping’ in lately.

I’m an early riser, I always have been but from the looks of it that may not last too much longer. I still wake up at 4am with most days falling back to sleep for another hour. Lately I’ve been sleeping in until around 6:30am, this morning until 7. I determine whether to stay in bed or not just after the sky is bright enough to illuminate the trees outside the bedroom window. The shades are lowered however there is a space between the bottom of the shade and the window ledge allowing me to see the bottom branches. Looking to see how violently they are shaking in the wind determines my energy level, if the wind is up I’m staying put for a while longer.

The wind was clocked at 25mph again today, I was outside by 7:30am feeding the birds. I didn’t stay out for long, at 62ºF and this wind it is a bit cool out. Prior to the wind impacting all of my decisions for the past 3 months my determination was dependent upon how stiff my joints were. They were never stiff or sore enough to make me stay in doors.

I worked in the garden a bit this morning on the Pepper plants mostly, the Jalapeños all died. I planted 6 Bell Peppers in their place. 2021 is a tough garden year, the third in a row for me. I’m not sure how other people are doing but 1/2 of my plants have met the grim reaper; I believe I’m out of the woods now. I planted Watermelons, Cantaloupe and more Beets last week, and the Pumpkin patch is doing well.

The Pumpkin picture is two years old, I no longer grow pumpkins in a raised bed as they take up way too much space. I set up a spot against the fence line where I am able to plant them for the entire 100 foot length. I am not going to do that, I’d end up with at least 1,000 fruits most likely more. I’ve always wanted to grow enough of them to give away free during the Halloween season carrying over to Thanksgiving.

I inserted a bad photo of a Milkweed plant with it’s flowers from last Summer. I counted 3 on our place with a possible 4th sprouting, it’s not big at all. They are the only plant Monarch Butterflies will lay their eggs. The stalks of the plant need to be softened up by the parents or the larva will not be able to penetrate the outer layer to get to the sap. the sap is White and extremely sticky; it will be beyond a shame if we lose the Monarchs. I advise everyone to plant at least one Milkweed for the Monarchs, a Rosemary for the Honeybees and drill some holes in fence posts for the solitary Bees; they’re important Pollinators. A little know fact is Honey Bees are not native to North America (same with earth worms), they arrived during the European invasion.

I saw a Tern this morning, if there were a few with it I would say it’s a good sign. Seeing as how it was a loner I will mark it down as a non-event if for no other reason than to contain my excitement. Kind of like after the first snow up North unleashing the little ones with a demand to wear all of their Snow Clothes. I didn’t take an image of the Tern, he was here and gone in a flash, or I should say a puff of wind.

I will be out in an hour to attempt to take some pictures of the Hawks as they make their final appearance along the slough. They were not out last night, perhaps the wind has ruffled their last nerve as well. The more likely reason is they have found a deserted hunting area on the river in the shadow of the wind. They don’t like to leave their habitat for long periods of time, they may stay away for one night but that’s more the exception than the rule. Which is the same for the Corvids.

That’s a subject for another day, Crows, Ravens, Bluejays and Mocking birds are in the que.

Jacques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

One response to “I’ve been sleeping’ in lately.”

  1. We keep a small space below the blinds, too – to monitor/guess the time. It’s summer scorch here, so if there’s any getting out time wanted, better not sleep too late!
    The monarchs are here with the lantana and all the other flowers we’ve stuffed in to encourage them. Floating flowers, they are. So pleasant to watch when there’s time. Butterflies and bees are so critical. We were happy the hive at a neighbors’s down the block managed the terrible freeze. Those little buzzers make me smile when I see them. Go bees!


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