Fireworks, Lightning and Wildfires.

I spent all day yesterday with my head buried in Photoshop, taking a break after each segment, there are 31 of them; I’ll be finished by the end of the month. It’s good to be interested in stuff but that’s not what this blog is about.

This photo is my first attempt with a time lapse, I took it last night at 9:30pm it was pitch black out. I was surprised there is so much light I suppose the sensor gathered it from every where it could. There are two events I would like to capture; the Lightning and all of the illegal fireworks going off all along the outline of the small city. It is one of those towns when going down Main Street one can look either direction and see the edge of town; it’s small but bigger than the Island.

Local law enforcement has a monumental fireworks problem throughout the entire San Francisco Bay Area. Beginning now through the entire month of July there will be industrial grade fireworks flashing up high in every City here. Combined with our dry summers it may jumpstart the fire season, they will in the least burn something down. The remedy is to fine those setting them off to the tune of $1,000.00 per incident. If they are lit on someone else’s property the owner will accrue the same fine. If I read it correctly all they have to do is see the fire works in the sky then follow it to the launch site to gather the debris and set the fine. I believe they will have to see the things lit and who lit them before setting the fine. It’s the fires we need to stop not the fun and this may be a step towards that.

Lightning is the cause of many fires as well, some times I have witnessed fires starting in the Diablo Range during one of these heat lightning storms. Last year I was able to capture a video of a fire starting that burned for a few days.

The wind has died to 7mph hopefully it will go even lower as the high temperatures drag on to the end of the month/week/year or however long this stretch lasts. Our mountains are not the most in danger, there are few trees up there and when a fire starts there are numerous fire departments ready to put them out.

Our Island is inside the Southern border of the high fire risk area, I don’t question it we’re just ready. Some of the fires will be driven down wind at enormous speeds, the Paradise fire of a few years ago traveled at 60mph. It would take less than 15 minutes to burn our entire Island to the ground. I’m not sure if everyone could make it off on our one bridge. I figure what we’ll do is head to the river and catch a ride on a boat; I hope and pray that it does not happen.

Jacques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

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