Digging through the Archives; I found today.

It is cold for this time of year, 60º F with that 25mph wind makes it feet like 20º F. Skunkpuppy and I went directly back inside only pausing to put bird seed in the feeders. A bit later (11:30am) we went back out with the camera but mainly to get out of the house. I decided to take some more pictures of flying small birds, I spent some time going through the archives. Searching for photos I haven’t posted I landed on the pictures I took today and yesterday.

The small birds are out in the wind, it’s now at 30mph it’s beginning to get on my nerves. When that happens I stay in the house, shelter in place from the breeze. It doesn’t last long normally a one day break from it does the trick; I have plenty to do inside. It’s interesting watching these birds flying, I don’t think the Sparrows avoid the wind they appear to thrive in it.

Once in a while a surprise flies past as this blackbird did, I have spent a lot of time attempting to capture images of them to no avail. None have shown any detail. This guy was flying in back of another small bird I missed, the blackbird was in the perfect sequence. The lucky draw included that the bird was flying against the wind. They still fly fast against the breeze and are a black flash when flying with it.

The bird feeders are the main attraction since I put them out, it’s interesting how quickly the birds get accustomed to them. I go out in the morning with the seed in a bucket and they rapidly begin to perch all around. None of them have the desire to be the second one to dig in for breakfast. It contains a message for me; once I began setting seed out for them I cannot stop. They expect it now after a mere two weeks.

It’s much like a busy city bus stop with the birds perched all around they suddenly make their move to the the free lunch. Sparrows are opportunist, much like Raccoons, Fox and Coyotes they have evolved to co-habitat we us. They occupy every continent on earth with the exception of Antartica, that’s quite a feat.

For now they are the main attraction on the Slough, soon they will become a minority when the next bitg flock decides to claim it for a while. That’s how it works as the seasons change so do the critters, this time of year most of them are placing the finishing touches on the new generation.

We may be seeing the new born mammals within the next two weeks. The small Skunks cannot hold their stink back so with nearly every step they let loose. It may be the first indication they are emerging along with the Otters and Raccoons. I’ll set my trap camera up and see what is roaming around after dark.

I set a bucket of water in the garden for the critters, I have for years. I read an article written by the wildlife editor of the local newspaper advising not to set water out during the drought for the animals. I may write to her asking what the difference is if they drink water from my bucket or eat apples from my tree? They are both artificial food supplies, much like a dumpster behind a fast food joint; short answer there is no difference. At times I feel as if some of these “experts” are merely aloof and contrary, especially in the Bay Area.

Jacques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

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