Honey Bees Are in the Rosemary

Honey Bees are beyond interesting, watching them zip around a bush filled with flowers is great entertainment. They are present all day long, even in the hottest part of the day. This morning when I rolled out on the porch just before dawn this Honey Bee was hard at it. I did not take these images at that time coffee came first, second and third.

These were taken at high noon as I was returning to the Casa for Siesta that takes place from 1-4pm, it most of the time stretches into the next morning. I use the time to write my blogs, read, play the guitar and edit images.

It’s interesting how the small Bees make the equally small branches of the Rosemary appear to be as large as a forest.

Quite a few critters are attracted to the Rosemary, many people like it as a seasoning for Chicken; I use it for another purpose. Personally I don’t like the taste of it, I like the aroma however so I rub on my hands to make them smell good.

In the event I ever make Candles, perhaps this winter I will, the aroma will be great used in them. That sounds like another of Jacques experimental deals where I make several attempts and $50 to make a $3 candle; I can see it all now. The last time I started on a Candle making adventure I wanted to make my own wax. Step 1- Render the Tallow to chittlin’s, it ends up like un-edible Pork Rinds, I listened to my inner voice screaming “NO! Don’t do it!” so as unbelievable as it sounds I threw in the towel before I started. My life would have been so much more uncomplicated if I had done that many times previous, perhaps at 70 I’m maturing finally.

They are quick little dudes the image above is interesting because all of the flowers are blurred; the Bee is the only object in focus giving it a 30-D effect.

A Grandson attracts Bees, not in a good way. He was out with me when he spotted a Honey Bee, he told me he has to get out of there because it will sting him. Here’s a hint, if a child tells you that believe him. That Bee from 10 feet away flew right up to him, went up his tee shirt sleeve and stung him. I was dumbfounded, he told me it always happens like that. Holy Mackerel I thought about how I’ve never been stung, maybe people like him gather up all the stings.

Now I went and did it, normally I post 3 images, it’s one of my quirks. Never 1-2-4-6 or 7, only 3 or if need be in rare situations 5 but that’s uncommon. While writing it’s the same when making a list 3, it leaves the reader thinking the writer has more to add. By the time a reader gets to #5 they begin to wonder if the article is ever going to end. Today it is 5, I must reason it out by saying the photos are just interesting.

Even though all of these pictures appear similar, which there is no denying they are, each one still holds attention. One Bee was on the bush today , I did the best I could tracking it around the branches.

I took a picture of a Spider which ended up looking like a bug that needed to be squashed. I also took an image of a Butterfly, a small white Butterfly, It is very hard to see. So difficult to see I forgot what I was looking at, it was not noticeable in the pictures. If that’s not the kiss of death I don’t know what is, but it happens quite a bit due to my climb up the learning curve.

My only goal is to produce images that are recognizable for use in my blogs, I generally succeed fairly well. Some may make the claim it’s pure luck, I won’t argue with that either.

Jacques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

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