Nothing Shakin’ But A Flower on A Stem.

I am convinced we are on the verge of a weather change, besides every bone in my old bag aching the critters haven’t been out and about for three days. One of my 4 year old grand-daughters is visiting us while her parents move out of the City. Her mom is a nurse working with the C-19 situation, they all tested negative so we took a chance; it has been since February seeing the kids, as with everyone else it’s been a challenge.

I took a bunch of pictures of flowers, I’m fortunate there are so many wild as well as gardened. I use photos as part of a story which makes them different than if I were marketing them or a professional photographer. I will never do either, they say one is worth a thousand words, that’s good because I only need 500.

Honey Bees swarm the Rosemary bush we have, the thing is huge every bit of 8 foot diameter and 5 feet high. It grows enough Rosemary to supply the entire world for a week or two. It attracts Hummingbirds, Bees, and various bird species. It’s a perennial in our neck of the woods, personally I’m not fond of it when used as a herb; I like rubbing it on my hands to make them smell good. The only other use I can imagine would be in soap or possibly candles, some like it with Chicken.

I took the one above in my neighbors yard after bringing in her trash cans, the texture of the the background sets it off. The red of the Geranium against the dark brown organic contrast really nicely together. It was high noon, I know better than to attempt photographing during the bright intense sun. But I like to try work-arounds, some times they do work like it did here, other times it doesn’t.

A yellow Rose in the bright sunlight hasn’t much hope in succeeding, this was overexposed but the dark shadows set off the yellow. I saved it with a lot of experimenting with the editing. Some of the images I took ended up as a white sheet with no hope of ever being a photograph.

I have ample pictures to support a lot of blogs although I prefer those I take in the morning which enables me to use them during my siesta time when I write my two blogs. I subscribed to Viewbug as well, it’s a site with monthly dues paid yearly, it’s kind of like paying life insurance in advance at my age; you know don’t buy green bananas and all of that. It’s a site where people have a gallery to post recent images, there are some contests, challenges and the normal likes. It’s enjoyable to compare pictures with others work, and I find it fascinating to scroll through the gallerys. It’s a great way to travel the world through photographs.

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