Out Before Daybreak; Ambush The Hummingbirds!

I awoke this morning ready to take successful pictures of Hummingbirds for the second day in a row. It was a nice morning, little wildfire smoke, a slight breeze and clear sky. I took coffee with me to the garden as I was optimistic of having a successful morning. I did in a way.

Red Flower Tree

What better place to station myself to capture images of Hummingbirds than in front of this bright red Hibiscus plant? That was my plan, when the sun rose the small birds are sure to swarm to this inviting nectar dripping beautiful plant. I watched it for 2 hours then discovered a few things. These flowers close at night then slowly (I mean painfully slowly) re-open with the rising of the Sun. I thought I had discovered it however when I told Mrs. Lebec her comment was “I know.” To which I replied “I shall set up a time lapse tomorrow but I will have to take an aspirin to deal with the pain of watching it open for hours.”

“You didn’t even know it was a Hibiscus until I told you two minutes ago, did you?” No, I did not that’s why I named it Red Flower Tree, it must be the cave man in me coming up with a name like that.

Three Red Roses

I then went to this Rose for more success, unfortunately that was an uneventful encounter as well. But I saw two Hummingbirds which I thought were headed for this bush, they were 30 feet from me 25 feet high; they may have well been 100 miles away. Small fast birds are barely visible from that distance; I also watched a Squirrel nearly kill itself jumping from a power line to a tree over the road. I went back to Lightroom to re-visit those I took yesterday and was able to retrieve two usable images.

I looked around the house for something bright red to attract the birds, after finding a small bit of a red box I rightly decided it would look totally staged and un-natural so I did not use it. I’m not too awfully displeased with this picture but a bit closer and more detail would have made it presentable to dear old mom.

They visit these potted flowers nearly each morning; as I lay in ambush. I’m not claiming total success but I’m on the right path; it’s just a matter of being there when they are. Which brings up another issue I discovered (again), the wild ones have their own agenda’s. Yeh, they ignore the plans I have made for them, I’m sure that makes God laugh; much like controlling the tide. I’m not claiming that I have not attempted each, the tide however needs much stronger physic influence than what I possess. Unfortunately the wild ones each have a brain of their own and don’t rely on me for their schedules.

Jacques Lebec Follow the Fork in the Road

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