I Thought That Was My Ship Coming In.

A bit of haze, smoke, smog and fog remains lingering throughout the day, I wake expecting clear skies, no wind and hot coffee. Well the later ends up being microwaved leftovers from yesterday, the Swiss Miss tones down that bitter aftertaste. But it reminds me of when I was in the Navy, supplemented by the real deal.

The California Delta serves as a conduit for supply ships to the Ports of Sacramento and Stockton. This bulk carrier is heading back to sea after a port call in Stockton; two or more pass by daily. They follow the San Joaquin River to Stockton, it flows from South to North through the San Joaquin Valley. The shipway to Sacramento joins the San Joaquin upstream two miles from where this ship is. The confluence is about where that barely visible tower directly off the bow lurks; on the right side of the river.

The ships to the Port of Sacramento travel the American River which flows North to South. The Gold Miners from 1849 traveled the same route to the Gold fields near Nevada City, Auburn and Oroville; not to forget Sutter’s Mill. Thousands of people dreaming of vast riches headed from their Eastern homes to strike it rich. Unfortunately the most successful were the Levi Strausses of the world, supplying real needs to real people.

Raisins were one of those commodities, most of us have heard tales of salt being worth it’s weight in Gold during those years. Actually Raisins were, scurvy was a real and constant threat; raisins are a good source of Vitamin C.

In the above photo the ship is making its’ way under the Antioch Bridge on it’s way to the freedom of the open Pacific. It’s interesting to watch them traverse their way seemingly on dry land; once a year or so one will get stranded on a sand bar that was not there the last time through. One of the old sing songs we have on the Delta is “there are two kinds of boats, those that have hung up on a sand bar and those that are going to.” I am of those that have.

Jacques Lebec Follow the Fork in the Road

One response to “I Thought That Was My Ship Coming In.”

  1. I enjoyed reading your post very much. It does look as if the big ship is traveling along on dry land. Found the facts about the value of raisins very interesting. That would be a perfect way to ward off scurvy. Glad the smoke has cleared in your area.


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