The Smoke Has Cleared; It’s Wake-up on the Slough.

I have taken the last 4 days off from my blog, the smoke plus the lockdown finally took a toll on me. The entire world felt buried in politics, smoke and nasty weather back East. I wrote one or two but they both sounded dreary, not negative just lifeless, so I began work on a new YouTube Channel. Just for the fun of it I began putting one together while attempting to convince Mrs. Lebec to be the star of the show teaching tap dancing to people our age (70) and over or under is fine as well. She is less than enthusiastic about the whole idea, I told her it will be fun; I know it would be a success. She’s still reluctant, perhaps she will cave; I hope because she has a lot to offer. Me being her boss is not a motivator for her.

The photo above violates one of my principles of not photographing people, being un-recognizable I figure no harm no foul. There is a small bit of smoke hanging on in the far distance, the picture was captured Wednesday (yesterday). That is a popular fishing spot, I don’t know how successful the fishing is; I suspect ease of access plays a role in making it so. He’s standing on a levee 665 yards from where this was taken.

Walking back to his car this morning I photographed another fisherman; I suspect on occasion just walking down a levee road after 7 months of quarantine is a magnificent treat.

I have watched families, duos and groups walk further than a mile on the far side. Success must be realized for them to return time and again. Wearing the same clothes on each return visit makes it easy to recognize the “regulars”. The bridge in the distance is 7 miles West depicting the depth of field; even ones eyes feel better being able to focus so far out.

My bench is on the wrong side of the slough to be of much comfort after the long walk; sometimes made longer with high temperatures. That is an isolated place on the far side, it might as well be 50 miles in the middle of nowhere. After climbing over the gate the hikers are isolated; often I wonder if they have enough water along with them. Fishermen (as well as ladies) are on that levee several times a week, some carry a heavy load consisting of ice chests, chairs and large satchels over one arm.

Perhaps more people will be out this weekend to enjoy the nice weather and clear sky’s. We shan’t celebrate yet as the fire season has just begun, the reason our skies are clear is because our local wildfires have been contained to 98%. The fire raging through my old stomping grounds consisting of the Sequoia National Park, Yosemite and all places between remains out of control. The smoke continues to dominate there as well do the fires.

Jacques Lebec Follow the Fork in the Road

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