This is a Good Day.

We have a Great Vice President nominee in Kamala Harris, all of the Bay Area would be dancing in the streets if we weren’t all still self Quarantined.

Second I won my Claim that I filed first 14 years ago with the Veterans Administration for exposure to Agent Orange, it means I have the diagnosis. Now I can be treated, it’s been a good day for me.

I don’t have as many words for each of these as they deserve, but this is enough.

Jacques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

4 responses to “This is a Good Day.”

  1. Sorry it took so long to get that Agent Orange decision. I have a friend who was also exposed. He worked on helicopters which the military forgot to document when he decided to study and make it a career. Anyway, Kamala Harris was not my first choice (I really like Stacey Abrams. Others said she didn’t have enough experience, but we proved by electing Trump we didn’t care about that. And Stacey Abrams has something he doesn’t, a brain that works and commonsense. She was robbed in Georgia.) but I’m going with her despite Biden. Oh well, it’s a compromise of what else are you going to do? A happy day all around.


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