Gulls in the Wind.

I took the day off today, if I were to be asked what I do on a day off versus whatever it is on every other day I wouldn’t be able to answer. Actually I sit outside longer than normal then proceed with what I took the day off for. On this day I watched birds in the wind.

Wind speed is 25 miles per hour today, not a heavy duty blow, enough to keep the temperature down and the bugs at bay. There are pros and cons pertaining to the wind, I think all of us creatures grow accustomed to it by the time it ends in September. The Gulls, I understand they are no longer referred to as Seagulls because they are no longer confined to the sea. Regardless they appeared to appreciate the wind today.

I lost count of how many there were as they were taking turns beating against the wind over the center of the slough. Flying 1/4 mile, at times further, making an abrupt turn about they would spread their wings and race back. On the return trip with wings pounding as hard as they were on the upwind trip they raced Southward toward where I was. By the time one was parallel to me the speed was nearly beyond belief.

I don’t know if the birds realize they are having fun, or being the afternoon entertainment, could they possibly plan things? Some Scientist hypothesize they posses subjective conscientiousness, the ability to relate what they are doing now to what happens to them in the future, that is what some suggest separates man from beast.

The Gulls were acting as if a Sea Lion was in the Slough earlier in the week, I did not see one. A feeding frenzy had erupted with the appearance of complete chaos however it only seemed that way. The birds never collide, or push one another out of the way, what looks to be confusion to us is order to them.

The waves don’t bother them, if the wind does it’s not shown however they show up in greater numbers when the wind is down. They are a joy to watch with or without the wind they are always actively on the search for another meal.

Jacques Lebec Follow the Fork in the Road

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