Fledgling Dove Stuck on a Wire.

After hearing the cooing of a Ring Neck Dove I spotted it perched on an electrical service line. A small fledgling it only called once for it’s parents knowing they must be somewhere close by.

Male or Female I’m not sure which, we are in need of a new word for these instances when the sex of anything is not known. I’ve often thought She is the perfect way to address it, due to it’s having references to each sex. She is Female followed with the Male He, we may have missed the boat.

It is clear how young this bird is as evidenced by it’s slight body leading into the small head suspended by a thin neck. She perched on that line for well over an hour seemingly not confident in it’s flying skills to move. Once in a while She appeared to lose balance as the line rapidly wobbled back and forth while She was attempting to steady it.

With the green back ground the young Dove seems to have gained weight and body size. Perhaps it’s an optical illusion but that is the same bird, still unsteady on the wire. Above it slightly to the right a sibling landed, although perched on a much higher line She perched silently as if waiting.

The higher perching Dove arrived a minute before I took the photo and left one minute after the shutter clicked. She apparently knows one speed, jump off the wire and go as fast as possible. Shortly after the Dove on the lower level decided to head out as well. She flew about 20 feet, landing once again on the wire the wobble effect went into full high gear. I feared for a few seconds She was going to fall to the ground making me a hero.

As I recall Foghorn Leghorn said it, and I use it all of the time. It must have been written by someone who was watching Doves it goes such; “Any landing you can walk away from is a good landing.” If you dought it just watch a Ring Necked Dove land.

Jacques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

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