Hummingbird; She was Hard to Photograph

I have commented on the 25 mph wind many times on both blogs I’m afraid it’s beginning to sound like I’m whining. I mention it as a lead in; then how I escape it, which I did this morning. I work on my projects in the garage during days such as this, it just so happens I came upon a few good blog ideas.

While working on my small projects I often have to wait to take the next step, this morning I was waiting for wax to melt. I sat near the big door with water taking in the day when I spotted this Hummingbird. I have made attempts to photograph them with limited success. Mostly the limit was catching them in flight. I took 16 photos of this one catching several fairly good ones.

This Tree is just outside the house regularly visited by the Hummingbirds (I cannot get myself to call them Hummers.) They build nests in this Tree, there are several observable from the second deck of the house. My mother-in-law will sit in the window seat watching them.

This is a summer Hummingbird, some overwinter but they are about twice the size of this one. On the water-side is more of a variety this time of year, I am not real good at identifying them. One I saw yesterday was a beautiful green color that seemed to shine much as one would expect from a halo.

I was able to capture it several times near this branch, against the blue sky it is easy to see. Unlike many that were taken with the Tree as a backdrop, they blend in very well.

It was a surprise to see I captured this as the bird was moving so very fast. It must require a huge amount of calories to keep these guy’s aloft. For a cell phone it’s impressive to photograph the blurred wings denoting movement. I must admit it is quite by accident.

I thought about sharing this blog between the Hummingbirds and the Doves I captured pictures of; however I decided to give each of them a blog. This is a good way to spend my days working on small projects, taking photos and working outside until siesta time at 2 pm. Retreating to the house I continue reading, then write the blogs.

While taking pictures this morning an Osprey flew overhead, much too high for me to take a picture of. Immediately after a Red Tailed Hawk flew over letting loose with it’s shrill call, most likely looking for his mate. I am confident it was a male judging by it’s size, the males are considerably smaller than the females.

Jacques Lebec Follow the Fork in the Road.

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