Solitary Flowers.

The birds are active during the early morning on the slough, they appear to be playing with the wind. Struggling against it they pound their wings hard making debatable headway. From the opposite direction is a Great Blue Heron riding downwind rapidly without a single stroke of it’s wings. The small birds move so quickly it is hard to see them, a 25 mile per hour wind is an effective propellant. A flock of Gulls were circling over the center of the river diving down onto the waters top to pluck fish from the surface. It’s possible they were following a Sea Lion that I did not see, they appeared to be diving for fish remnants.

Escaping the wind I decided to head to the garden, although reduced the breeze remained substantial. I took my scooter for a ride to see if I could catch the Owl out of it’s nesting box. I noticed solitary flowers close to the ground and began to think how amazing it is they are able to grow.

The photo above isn’t a volunteer instead it is the last bunch of flowers on a well established Rosemary bush. I’m not fond of the flavor of Rosemary, it’s a bit too strong for me. It’s that property that makes me appreciate it, I will strip some of the needles off and rub them in my hands. I like the way it smells, if I make soap I will use it as a scent.

Geranium. volunteer under the dock ramp.

The Geraniums are pretty, the only color I remember seeing is red, do they come in different colors? Many years ago they grew wild all around the Island, many were eradicated when they were thought of on the same level as a weed. I was guilty of it as well, I regret they are no longer widespread. I believe they will return in full force.

I came upon the small beginning Oleander on the Levee not far from the dock with the Geranium. It appeared delicate against the hard dry ground covering. Where it has received enough water to reach even this small size is a wonder. There is a much larger plant just in back of it. The deep green leaves along with the bright white against the golden backdrop is in itself photo worthy.

A single purple flower.

This Violet and white flower surprised me as I went by drawing me directly to it. Not only is it difficult to see in the picture but it was equally hidden from the Levee top. Notice the Blackberry’s beginning on the right hand lower corner; they grow wild on the Island as well. The flower however does not, this is the first one I have seen I hope there will be more.

A photograph hides the wind, and although taken with the Sun unobstructed making the image a bit bright it brings out the colors. I may have missed the flower without it shining bright.

Jacques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

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