Finally a Barn Owl.

The mornings are the best time of the day, unless the weather butts in and keeps Skunkpuppy and I inside. We don’t do weather well any longer, I’m better at it than she is at least I will step out on the deck she won’t. I open the door, she sticks a her nose out just a wee bit, looks left then right then takes two steps back. The look on her face says “you’re kidding right?” I get coffee, she goes downstairs to the bedroom to wake Mrs. Lebec because it just happens to be time to eat. Through the open window is heard the screech of an Owl, I know right where it is, uncovering my scooter then place my cameras on it and head to the Pecan Tree.

The Owl is on top out of view, but this photo shows the great Owl habitat we have created.

I built that nesting box years ago, how many I don’t recall, my neighbor thinks it was ten. I on the other hand refuse to accept that, it makes me feel older. It is starting to look as if another should take it’s place, I make them two at a time. Four were made with this one. They aren’t difficult to put together nor are they expensive, one sheet of Marine Plywood is enough material for two.

He’s on top of the box, just a bit creepy.

The Barn Owl showed only his face towards me, when I arrived he was perched on the top of the box, it would have made an unbelievable set of photos. I was moving slowly making every effort not to scare him when Skunkpuppy went running under him. At that time the Owl became sufficiently upset then hid behind the Nesting Box.

His white face, big dark eyes and steady stare became a bit creepy after a short while. I moved back out of sight thinking he may return to his roost atop the box. He did not, instead he continued further behind the box dropping to the wye then finally flying off.

He’s a bit of an eccentric showing himself fairly regularly during the daylight hours. I have seen him under the eaves of the house remaining there for most of a day. I chased him along the levee thinking I caught up to him perching under the roof of a dock. I snuck up on him (imagine me sneaking up on anything) getting within 10 feet close enough for a number of pictures, feeling pretty happy with myself returning home to see what was captured. Plastic, I photographed a plastic Owl, however there is a rock solid excuse, I couldn’t see because of my cataracts. That’s my story and I’m stickin’ with it.

Jacques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

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