The Blogs I Follow Cheer Me Up.

A 20 mph wind has the distinction of turning any cool temperature into a cold experience. The overnight has been in the 50’s all week, along with the wind it is cold. I sit comfortably behind the sliding glass door observing the world, Skunkpuppy doesn’t go out in any kind of weather. I get many of my blogging ideas while sitting on the patio early in the morning. If that doesn’t produce a workable idea I will go to the garden, that usually works for my garden and earthworm farm blog. I didn’t write a blog on Friday, not due to a lack of ideas but the fault was motivation.

The issue was burnout, I as most other people am worn out by the endless news feed rotating around one person. It keeps getting more bizarre by the day, no longer is the craziness a surprise, indeed we expect it, it has to do with merely being tired of it all. I was bummed out yesterday (Friday) and part of today (Saturday).

There are a few courses of action I take to straighten my act up, I don’t like being slightly angry, or run out of bounds so to speak. My remedy consists of four activities, * I tend to the garden. * Work with the Earthworm Farm *Woodworking and *Reading blogs I follow.

Reading blogs is my most effective method to finish the day, I have the afternoons to read; 1 pm is siesta time. Working with the first three is relaxing and enjoyable for me, but it’s the fourth that returns my thoughts back to reality. The writers I follow are all pleasant to read, no politics, religion nor do they violate my criteria of no controversial subjects. Those include anything pertaining to anything in the Bible, Constitution, or Gun rights, none of which have any place in a blog chosen for reading pleasure they conjure up way too much controversy. That is unless it is blog in one of those niches which neither of mine are. One is a what the heck is thing about blog while the other is Gardening, Vermiculture and Composting.

Sometimes I write about wildfires.

Artists, Photographers and Philosophers are part of the agenda, one doesn’t have to be any of those to enjoy their articles. Some flood the blogs with their works with few words, others a wall of words and few of their works. None of them sell their wares although it is an unspoken part of the blog, all are talented. They conjure up in me is a bit of a green tint I wonder if it is human nature to have a hint of jealousy? Yes the talent is enviable, but enjoyable as an observer. The end result of their artistic abilities is the enjoyment of their efforts, as well as the realization of the endless hours they have spent in their craft.

Human interest stories, everyday life, and blogs from foreign countries are part of the overall group of interests. Human interest stories are those that cause me to not press the “like” button because some are just too sad. If not sad they sometimes are uncomfortable I’d consider pressing a “read” but it doesn’t exist. Everyday life blogs are interesting for me, especially so when written in a foreign country. Photographs, local slang and historic explanations of their Country, City, and Customs to me is captivating.

Nature, Gardening and Vermiculture are my passions leading me to read them. At one time I attempted to capitalize on my passions in an on-line web site, it was a time of discovery for me. My heart was not in it mostly due to two issues, I’m not business minded, nor do I have any idea about marketing. Web commerce is a means to make a little money after spending a lot on advertising of which was difficult for me to wrap my head around. I made a choice to write about these topics versus selling them, I have found it to be more satisfying.

It’s just me and good old Skunkpuppy, she’s always good for a laugh.

I am in a nice blogging community, it is a pleasure to read all of them along with the comments and follow ups. I appreciate all of your blogs and the world it has opened up to me, thank you.

When we get to the fork in the road, let’s follow it we can’t go the wrong direction.

Jacques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

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