Attempted Scams; I may be Old but I’m not Stupid.

We have a land line telephone, two lines actually but we use one. The majority of the time we use it only to monitor calls, yeh we’re those people. 800 numbers don’t get answered, calls with city names as the caller nope, foreign numbers oh no, and any names we don’t recognize are out the window. We receive them all day long; after picking up on one it is normally some sort of a scam. Mrs. Lebec answered an 800 number yesterday then immediately handed me the phone, I’m guessing because that’s part of my job?

Unrelated photo, all will be today but still they are mine.

On the other end of the line was a young man from Amazon, he knew my name. He told me Amazon had received an order for an iphone and the cost exceeded $500.00. Continuing he claimed Amazon calls to verify the purchase if it exceeds that amount. I went to my account all the while knowing Amazon does not make unsolicited calls. I checked my order list (we have purchased a lot of stuff on that site since the quarantine.) There was no iphone on the ordered list, I suspected that would be the case. We had taken delivery of a new Television a few days prior that costs almost $800.00, we received no such confirmation call.

He wanted the email that is related to the account, that alone wouldn’t be worth too much but to underestimate the enemy could prove catastrophic. He would then either ask for my password or hack the account to find it; then continue to block me from using it and start the shopping spree.

I have used this photo many times, ti’s not a real good picture but remains one of my favorites.

Amazon does not make phone calls ever about anything, we have to contact them which is a pretty good policy. I had a chat session with to be perfectly clear on it, I am correct they never contact us.

I received a call from Google as well a few weeks earlier claiming I owed them close to $200.00. “Yeh, OK” I told the lady at the far end of the world, “it’s too bad this is a scam.” I told her “I don’t owe anyone a penny, and Google does not call people, I’d get an email.” I had talked to Google about this six months ago when I received a similar request. They are harder to deal with than Amazon but none the less I was satisfied with their answer.

None of the callers were identifiable by accent or any other means, I believe they were domestic, that and $2.00 will get me a cup of coffee somewhere I’m sure.

A year ago I answered a call from a young man informing me he would guarantee he is able to place my website on the first page of Google. He told me by choosing the correct SEO’s he would have me at #1 in a few months. I told him I could do the same for his website for a small monthly fee.

Let me explain.

SEO that is related to the product is the key, these companies come in and will use words such as “Flashlight279bright”. I would be on the front page because it is not a relevant description of the product and no-one, I mean no-body would type that in the query. But true to his weak promise it would be on the front page in about 2 month’s.

This guy was the pushy type, even after I described how I was on to his ruse he kept trying to sell me, “yeh, I’m stupid.” I told him then finally hanging up. The guy turned into a stalker nearly, “Why’d you hang up on me?” he demanded.

I can deal with the wild ones, it’s the domestic humans I have a time with.

“Because you’re a liar and a scoundrel.” I told him to which he denied, then he felt entitled “don’t do that again.” he told me, so I did, then he called back and I answered.

“I told you not to hang up on me.” he repeated, so I did again chuckling to myself.

He kept calling and I kept hanging up on him, hey I don’t have anything else to do. The last time he called was the next day, “are you ready to talk about your website and my SEO services yet?” he sounded desperate so I hung up on him, again.

They are all scammers on our landline, they prey on us old ones we just have to be a bit more on top of things not to get snagged by them. Amazon, Google, Facebook, and all of the others do not call to check on anything. If you get a call from any tech company just hang up then report them to whatever site they claim to represent, there isn’t much that can be done but if it’s a new scam they will alert their users.

A surefire way to lose a battle is to underestimate the enemy, we are smarter than they are, lets show them by how much.

Jacques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

2 responses to “Attempted Scams; I may be Old but I’m not Stupid.”

  1. Yes, I am old too, but not stupid. I never answer a number I do not know on my cellphone. Gave up my land line years ago. The world is full of scammers. Scammers certainly are obnoxious. Sounds like you handled all these annoying calls quite well.


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