Early Morning on The Slough.

A little Pug looking dog ran down the Levee this morning at 7 am, I just happened to check the time. He was on a gentle trot, well fed and taken care of without a concern in the world. He stopped for a few seconds to mark the spot, looked at me and continued on. Skunkpuppy to my surprise was an onlooker as well, it’s out of character for her. I posted on our local lost pets Facebook page of my sighting where it was and what direction the small dog was going. I’m fairly certain someone will be looking for him later; he’s passed by before. But for all I know he may be like all other dogs, he knows where the food dish is. There is not too much to be concerned about it was early morning; all the Coyotes have returned to their dens.

Well it’s an Island he’ll eventually end up where he started if he stays on the Levee.

That was the bit of excitement for the morning which may just have enough momentum to follow me through the day; I’ll check the lost and found later.

Southwest this morning.

The wind was up at 7 mph this morning, that’s a fair wind for being so early. It’s the breeze the old sailing ships relied on to approach land. In the evening the on shore wind would push them back to sea, sometimes. In this photo the Sun had not been up but for a few minutes spreading the morning golden glow.

Mount Diablo is waking up

Sometimes I think about the Spanish Explorers traveling from where Los Angeles is now North to the Bay. I don’t know a lot about how, what, when, or where but they did in fact come here from two directions. One was by land it’s a bit foggy if they followed the Diablo Range where there is no water or the many rivers that populated the Valley. None the less there is a placard at the South end of the Antioch bridge marking where they met. The second contingent came by sea, it makes me wonder how they knew where to turn into. The Golden Gate is not that distinguishable from other protected ports.

Another look to the SW.

Whether right, wrong, or indifferent they came from the South eventually creating the Missions by following California’s first highway the El Camino Real. The Pacific Coast Highway and Hwy 1 follow it’s trail North. Sir Francis Drake was one of the first to the San Francisco Bay, I have to note he was a ruthless Sea Captain one I would not have liked to serve under.

The morning shadows did not last long but they will be back tomorrow as long as the Sun Shines. Tonight at dusk the show will start again with the shadows in the opposite direction, the wind will be stronger, and the critters will begin to come out for the night.

Jacques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

2 responses to “Early Morning on The Slough.”

  1. Early morning gold. Early breezes. Best time to sail
    (Hope that little explorer finds his way home before it gets too hot.)
    I also think about the early explorers – and how they managed. A type of curiosity and courage that seems rare today.
    They may have been ruthless, but their imagination of what might be changed the world forever – and that deserves to be known and statued.


  2. Yes, it surely does. It just doesn’t seem right to disavow all of the efforts they made by condemning them using our ideals and laws of today. We need to continue studying them, I believe. Just because we study and read doesn’t mean we agree or accept what we see as their shortcomings. I recently re-read Huckleberry Finn, admittedly I cringed through the entire book due to the predominant racial slur, to condemn the language is fine and in order but should the book be banned or edited? I don’t know, I can certainly understand why the people abhor it, rightfully so. Right now these are common themes, I fear I have gone on a bit long but you strummed the chord I was playing while thinking about this blog as well as writing it. Thanks for the comment.


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