Big Mikes Lot Was and Is.

A few days ago a commotion was heard early in the morning, a notable part of the din was a backup alarm. Of course I had to take a look, but not before taking a break finishing my coffee. A guy can only move so fast, about an hour later I uncovered my scooter called Skunkpuppy and went to take a look.

Big Mikes lot.

As I suspected a Bulldozer was working on Big Mikes lot. He died almost one year to the day, I don’t remember the exact date but it was around the 13th. That was a strange morning. I won’t get into great detail but I felt the minute he passed.

The rickety old gate remains.

Nothing had been done on this lot for 10 years or so, a young family lived in the structure shown in the previous photo. The young man spent a lot of time re-building it, then when his parents bought the house next door he and his wife moved into the guest cottage.

The old stairway onto the Levee, Skunkpuppy is contemplating her next move.

His dad was a well known artist from Oakland, quite aged when they moved into the big house. They were the nicest people anyone could wish to live near. Eventually the father passed, the mother moved back to Oakland and the son disappeared. She gave Mrs. Lebec and I a pile of original paintings, now let me think about where we stored them.

It’s been cleared.

Skunkpuppy is struggling with the lot being cleared, she would spend time here chasing whatever was hiding in the undergrowth. The gate is next to the white trailer on the far end, the shed was just behind and beyond Skunkpuppy. The soil hasn’t been disturbed for a long time, I thought about filling my wagon to use as potting soil. Peat moss is covered with the new fill dirt, it’s no longer original Island.

The South end of a North bound dog to the left.

A slightly different angle of the photo above this one, the camera is set on 35 mm where the one above it is at 55 mm. None the less the lot is now cleared, Mikes brother hired all of the work out. Construction of the new house will begin next June from what he told me due to his being out of the country on a mission for his church. He also asked me what I thought. I told him I like the cleanup job but I can’t help but not like it being changed. Yeh, change, I’m not all for it any longer perhaps it comes with getting older but I want things to stay the same. I’m not completely anti-growth or anything, I’m just anti developing this lot. I finished with telling him “but that’s my problem, not his, and everyone on the Levee is happy for it to be done.”

Old Crow won’t be perching in the old snag any longer.

Good people have bought Mikes house, they were friends of his. A giant eucalyptus tree that was leaning over the river was cut down, several of us were concerned about it. Hanging over the slough the danger was it toppling over into the water then floating to the bridge and wiping it out. Good has been done, Jacques will just have to get over it and move along.

Jacques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

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