Crazy Doves in the Pecan Tree.

While out on the deck early this morning the Doves were being their normal over-active selves. Surprisingly they are quite a noisy bunch; a bunch is normally two. They are not flocking birds preferring instead the domestic life, home-bodies of the bird kingdom.

He landed lower on the branch working his way to the top.

The mating pair are rarely far from one another until it’s time to sit on the nest; at that time they take turns coming and going presumably carrying nesting materials as well as food.

He is 1/2 way to his destination.

He was working his way up the branch, why he didn’t land on the top branch is anyone’s guess; humans aren’t the only species to do things in the hardest possible way.

He finally made it.

He now has a suitable perch commanding a view of miles in each direction. This photo was taken along with the others during last winter.

Here comes Mrs. Dove

The Mrs. decided to take a look at what he was up to, she maneuvered well amongst the closely knit branches.

Almost there.

Doves are actually good flyers, it’s the landings that evolution cheated them on. “Any landing that can be walked away from is a good landing.” (Famous Foghorn Leghorn Quote)

She made it to the perch.

I wonder if the effort was worth it just to reach that perch, she obviously is un-impressed with his choice of roost.

She was not amused with not only his perch but his indifference as well. She was there for just a few seconds before deciding to “check on the nest,” he seems OK with it.

Now he’ s bewildered as he watches her fly away.

He seems to be saying “Was it something I said?” I would say no it’s something you failed to say.

I better go.

Leaving immediately after she did; reading his thoughts was fairly easy. “I better go check on her; I’m already in too much trouble.

See you all later.

I don’t know what the equivalent of bird doghouse is but he is most likely headed for it. He will surely sleep with one eye to the wind just in case she calls him back to the nest, after all he says to himself “I live there too.”

Jacques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

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