I Spoke Too Soon Yesterday; We Had A Wildfire Today.

It was a nice calm morning on the slough without a hint of a breeze and a temperature of 59° F (15° C). I was watching the Rabbits on the Levee, this is the first time I’ve noticed how mean they can be. Like Chickens they appear to have a pecking order in this case the dominate male is a normal size black and white. The other two are midnight black, one adult and the other a young Rabbit about one month old. The spotted male would chase the large black one off then turn on the little one.

As I sat out on the water side deck once again my focus was on the bright green strips of grass on the far side of the river. I was thinking about the blog I wrote yesterday speculating how a wild fire would have a hard time establishing itself around our Island. I continued enjoying my coffee while the wind slowly began to crank up until it was blowing 15 mile per hour, I retreated to the house.

Later while working in the garden I saw a gigantic plume of smoke reaching above the trees. I rode my scooter to the Levee top in order to tell Mrs. Lebec, after doing so we both went to the Levee. I in no way was predicting a wildfire while writing yesterday’s blog but much to my dismay a large one had started 4 miles South. The wind at that time was a steady 15 miles per hour driving the blaze towards a housing sub-division.

It started at 11 am and was extinguished by 4pm, there are no reports of injuries or lose of homes. It appeared to be around 200 acres or so. It never ceases to amaze how much smoke grass and weeds emit. The wind is blowing from here to there, unless it reverses it poses no threat to us. We have a circular wind pattern which carries the smoke North along the Diablo Range then spreading itself out over this part of the valley. I’m happy no one was injured.

Our new Fire Station is within a stones throw from the fire, it’s a beautiful building well equipped with all of the equipment except fire-men. I assume the developers built it, the new home-owners paid for it, and now the County needs to man it. Unfortunately that will most likely take a very long time to happen if it ever does.

Over the next few days the residents will discuss it on the local Face-Book page, some will propose a volunteer fire department as we had prior to the year 2000. I am a genuine optimist, but after all of these years watching everything that catches on fire burn to the ground along with at least one other house damaged I have little hope left.

It will be a while before we have another fire, they seem to come in clusters, the fire department will take 1/2 hour to arrive and the cycle will begin all over again. Sometimes we are not as lucky to have no injuries or property loses.

Jacques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

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