Crazy Crows; Creatures of Habit.

Much like a sub-way train the Crow flies by the command post at about the same time every day for the past two weeks. Flying rapidly against the wind with six small birds hot on it’s tail, literally. They strike the black bird with such force it is knocked off of balance, sometimes worse. Yesterday from the big window it happened to fly past with it’s stream of admirers following. Repeatedly being struck by the pursuers the Crow was walloped so fast so many times with such velocity it was knocked out of the sky. It didn’t crash all of the way to the ground but it was very close.

One member of the local Mob.

Diving or falling it’s a matter of perception, to the point of near catastrophe the winged predator suddenly as if it were a rocket shot skyward. Apparently the small birds were caught off of their game allowing the Crow to escape to the far levee and points beyond. I continued drinking coffee while watching the large bird pound the wind until it disappeared out of sight leaving the Starlings bewildered.

One isn’t much of a threat, but when 6 or more are on your trail it’s a different matter entirely.

That was a bit too much activity, too early in the morning for an old guy to handle. One thing is for sure, I’m going to sleep well tonight after all of that; I’m exhausted and and look it’s 8:30 am all ready.

Jacques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

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