A Lot of People are Walking the Levee; Our Life Insurance Agent wants an Office Visit from Us, Coincidence? I Can Only Hope.

There has been a few starts and stops to summer this year, starting with long pants, a few days later (April 12) I declared Spring was over while donning a pair of shorts. April 13, I went back to long pants, a sweat shirt, and hotter coffee. May 4th I’m back in shorts, now to find my flip flops, being quarantined is such a hassle.

Unrelated photo posted for no reason other than I like it.

That is the biggest problem I have during this self-isolation, if it can be called a problem. Actually we need a new stove but cannot have one delivered or the old one hauled away. We have plenty of Son’s and Son in laws to throw in with us, but they are pretty loose with their quarantine we will wait until the coast is a bit clearer. In the meantime it’s BBQ and Peanut Butter Sandwiches.

I’m wondering why our life insurance agent called today and requested Mrs. Lebec and I to an office visit. My questions for him are more of the psychological type starting with #1 Are you Nuts? Mentally challenged? Enough said about that.

A Sheriff drove by today heading North in the direction of the dead end one mile from here. I didn’t see him come back, I’m at a loss. Shortly after an 18 wheeler drove past, then returned to park on the road a bit south of where I was. A lot was cleared last week, the truck was here to pick up the tractor and backhoe. Then I saw a County truck “Public Works” blazoned across the drivers door, on the way out the riders had the same wording. Tree trimming company’s, Vector control, building inspectors and numerous pickup trucks loaded with contractors tools and equipment. A lady stopped to talk about the lot next to me, instead she talked about all of her aches and pains explaining how at risk she is. Then a neighbor handed me a bag of Radishes, holy mackerel people we’re in a crisis here.

Nice social distancing, keep it up my friends.

“Who were you talking to?” Mrs. Lebec asked me, I had to think for a minute.

“When?” I replied.

“Just now, that Lady at the end of the driveway. You know what I’m talking about” she cast that evil eye at me.

“Oh her, yeh she told me the owner asked her to move in the Coach and fix the place up.” I replied “I don’t think she will move in.”

There is more work there than it looks I told her. That’s OK I’m up to it was here reply. That’s where the Red Fox lives I added, that’s fine I have two Pit Bulls. Nice I muttered while shaking my head.

“She was pretty.” I looked at Mrs. Lebec wondering what in the heck. “She’s as old as I am.” I answered “No, she is not pretty, you were not close enough.”

“You sure talked to her for a long time.”

“What else do I have to do?” I replied, “I told her there is a lot more to the cleanup on that lot than meets the eye, she’s not going to move in. I’d bet all the money you have on that.” I am nearly 70 years old, I have zero interest in anything except; Nature, Ghosts, and Reality, oh and my worm farm.

We then retreated to the water-side porch to watch the people walk by while Mrs. Lebec continued her on-going home improvement plans of which she has been talking about for-ever.

Perfect, one Alligator length apart.

“This is busier than before the Self-Quarantine” I told her “What are these people thinking?”

“They’re keeping their one Alligator space,” Mrs. Excuse for everyone and everything answered.

No wonder the life insurance agent wanted us to pay him a visit.

Jacques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

2 responses to “A Lot of People are Walking the Levee; Our Life Insurance Agent wants an Office Visit from Us, Coincidence? I Can Only Hope.”

  1. It is strange how we saw so many more people out in the neighborhood walking dogs, kids, and bikes during the stay at home order. Once the beaches south of us opened , things have gone back to slow and normal. We live a pretty quiet life seeing few people. – so not really any big change, except the foot traffic increase when we walked the dog.
    Nuts to that “visit” …”Dude, we’re old and at risk. What do you want – and email it.”

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  2. Today I have not seen a soul out, even the traffic is back to the normal one care @ 15 minutes. A Hummingbird flew up to me earlier just to take a look to see if I was real. Go Figure.
    Thanks for the comment.

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