It’s Good to See People Walking the Levee on the Far Side.

On the far side of the slough North of Bird Island is a County park, it is a large expanse encompassing a hiking trail stretching across the county following a creek. The parking lot for the trail and ferry is another two miles from where the cars first appear on the Levee. Each morning one or two vehicles park off the narrow road the passengers open the doors and step onto the Levee. Most, not all carry fishing gear along with a backpack. They climb the gate erected to keep people off of the pasture, or perhaps it’s a locked gate because the rules of the country are foreign here. When walking up to a gate if it’s open, leave it open, if it’s closed close it after entry, Cowboy Logic. Most of the people in the nearby towns have never been on a Ranch or Farm.

It’s all County Park and Protected area across the slough.

All of that is OK, I for one am happy people are out using the Delta’s waterways for recreation, the more who use it means more that will protect it. There are people on this side that don’t believe people should be allowed to use that side. One lady complained to me about it to which I replied “it’s a county park, you don’t own it.” needless to say neither her or the husband have ever warmed to me.

I always think of things differently than other people, I enjoy seeing them hiking the trail searching for the perfect fishing spot. Most of us at some point in our lives walked a bank thinking about catching the big one, commenting on how it would be better fishing “over there”.

The best fishing is “Over There!”

The hikers are rarely traveling alone, this morning a man was solo, I admit I watched him intently as he climbed up and down the rocks of the opposite bank. The water immediately drops off the shore to 8 feet, some-places deeper. Falling in could become a survivalist experience, I’m not sure how many are aware of the danger. I watched him, as always ready to call 911 then the Cattle Company if something were to happen.

I enjoy watching the kids flipping rocks over then chucking some into the water. They run down the far side of that Levee into the pasture, I’ve never seen anyone harass the Cattle or cause problems of any sort. For a lot of the kids it’s an entirely new experience for them being in the Country. Many of them are families, Mom, Dad and the kids often with a dog, it’s a treat for the animals also. I question how interested in fishing the children are, of course the older ones are but the younger ones interest is questionable. The old man is a different story he’s there to break a fishing record, what he may or not realize this experience will last a lifetime for his family.

It doesn’t take much of an imagination to hear the kids talking about how they need a boat and all of the wonderful experiences they could have with one. Boats full of families pass by as well on the water fishing, it’s the same scenario with the exception of in a boat or out.

Hey Dad! We could fix that one up.

It’s nice to see people out and about, there is no better place to quarantine than Islands like ours. A number of people are ignoring the mandatory isolation which has just today been expanded until the end of May. Some don’t think it’s real threat, they don’t know anyone who has had the C-19 illness or even knows someone that is acquainted to anyone they know. Mrs. Lebec and I tell them you do now our daughter in Colorado just spent over a week in bed sick with it, she is recovering due to return to her grocery store position soon.

Jacques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

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