My New Blog has it’s Own Niche; Vermiculture, Zero Waste as a Goal.

During January of this year (2020) I expanded my WordPress membership to include another blog. It had 3 starts, I was not happy with any of them, consequently I deleted all of them to begin anew. I discovered they were all just like this one, the advantage of niche’s, it will keep one focused.

Writing about the critters in the surrounding slough with my amateur photos is fun as well as interesting. I enjoy keeping things easy going with no controversy, This blog fits the bill nicely, I’ve been writing it for almost 4 years; although it needs to be cleaned up.

That is part of this blog, cleaning up the entire site in an attempt to make it easier to navigate. Some of my ideas will not pan out, but there are 300 posts I would like to archive. They no longer are relevant to the direction it has taken over the past year.

The outdated ones mostly pertain to the website I had for two years selling Emergency Kits. There had been a number of changes made by Facebook and Google which forced me to shut the site down. It was partly a lack of understanding on my part and too much interference from those two large Corporations. One issue with F.B. is they do not allow pen names which I use, they do not understand why people use them so they naturally believe everyone that does has nefarious intentions.

What ended up really getting my goat was one moderator from a blogging website complained causing F.B. to shut down two of my business pages. There was no recourse, but they kept sending me inquiry’s asking why I no longer go on that site. They have recently stopped asking after I finally got through to them that I would like to challenge their decision; I have not heard from them since. I maintain another page under a different email address and name, I just don’t post very much.

Google was a bit different it ended up being partly them, partially me and partially my web host. They chose to stop rating my site without an SSL certificate, that’s where the Web host refused to release the rights for me to add the code in the sites root. Anyway the Web site is gone, it ended up being a good thing. I learned quite a bit to say the least.

I don’t feel as if I got run over by them actually they helped me. I have discovered to have an E-Commerce site drop-shipping is not the best way to go. A lot of people have succeeded employing that method, I won’t argue with success. What I discovered was what sells on the internet, or what I will be able to sell if I chose to make another assault at it. Hand made items sell very well on the internet, they sell themselves with no hype, no fantastic two for one prices; in other words scamming people to purchase something is out of the picture.

I increased the font size, then changed some of the presentation items on both blogs, the new one is planned better. I have decided to write about 3 of my passions that are closely related; raising Earthworms, Composting and Gardening. I write a lot about them anyway but they deserve a blog of their own; I hope to answer questions readers may have to inspire them to achieve zero waste through re-cycling. It is a distinct niche with a surprisingly large number of people interested in all three but lacking an understanding of how to start. I have plans to comment on new discoveries pertaining to Plastic Pollution as well; there are many interesting developments being made.

I will post Tuesday’s and Thursday’s while posting Videos on Wednesday as I make them. I have a bit of work to do on my YouTube channel as well as I had an extensive learning curve on it. All of my videos are nature, a majority of them are wildlife. I plan to start a second page strictly posting Videos produced for my new blog. I need to get with it now, I will post the address after I post the first entry.

Jacques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

2 responses to “My New Blog has it’s Own Niche; Vermiculture, Zero Waste as a Goal.”

  1. The net, the excitement, those running various parts of it, and possibilities of function – the wildly new Wild West – have morphed so much over the years – maybe glossier (and more intrusive) and a bit of melancholy over it. What a trip.
    Good luck and enjoy all the efforts and changes you are making!


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