The Flat Tailed Rodents may have Returned; Mr. Beaver

Everything has come to a standstill, nothing is getting done until I get the garden in. Yes C-19 also but my world is pretty much the size of the garden I am in. I stop working messing around in the garden at 2 in the afternoon. My Doctor has prescribed a medication that stops me cold when I over exert myself. If I wait until 2:30 pm I will be a limp tired old guy, she’s saving my life, as much as I dought it; I’d be in real trouble if I stopped taking it and died Mrs. Lebec would not forgive me.

This is a photo of two Otters, they swim with their heads above the water, Beavers and Muskrats swim with theirs slightly under.

I use the same aphorism that the Westward bound pioneers used “I have seen the Elephant”, upon which they turned around and went back home. In my case I tell Skunkpuppy “c’mon lets go home”, she understands and shortcuts me winning the race to the top. This afternoon when I met her on the Levee I sat on my scooter looking out across the vast pasture, river and mountains across the river, I can never leave here. I got off track a bit, I’ll do a U-turn.

I looked into the slough, the big fish are moving around and beginning to spawn, this quarantine will help the fish population. I did not see any fish however my eye did catch a Brown Furry back something swimming between the docks, I don’t believe it was an Otter. It was much to small to be a full grown Beaver but it had the correct coloring and the same swimming profile, I was unable to see the tail. Normally it’s easy to distinguish them because they are shy, rapidly going underwater after slapping the surface with the wide paddle they drag behind. The visitor was in my view for less than 5 seconds, I may have seen it earlier.

They will build their dens under the planks of wood docks not hesitating to chew on the supporting structures, if they could refrain from that it wouldn’t be a problem. However like other Rodents, such as Mice, Squirrels and Skunkpuppy other critters with a mouth full of teeth that never cease to grow, they must arrest the growth with chewing.

Unrelated photo, I don’t have one of a Beaver or a decent Otter so Canadian Honers it is.

They also will burrow into the Levee to build Dens, it sounds harmless but these guy’s are busy little Beavers never ceasing their construction. I spoke with our local varmint trapper/relocator when he told me an eye-opening story. He had found a Beaver Den in the Levee large enough to park a 3/4 ton pickup truck in; that’s a big hole. The animals are not killed, relocation to another distant vacant island is the course of action; every few years some find their way back. This particular individual look young so it is most likely a young male searching for a female and a plot of river to take the Dam building position. He may have found a female with both of them choosing our Slough as their new home.

My course of action will be to keep under observation, if we end up with a few families that will pose a problem; by then someone will have called animal control. That is most likely many months in the future. In the end it may not be a Beaver, we’ll find out. I’m not concerned about them at all.

Jacques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

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