My Reading Has Been Saved; By Audio-Books.

Today is the day my eye surgery was scheduled for. The first Doctor was being cautious in telling me I would have to wait a year to have it done, he wasn’t sure if it could even be done. I waited 9 months, not being able to see out of one eye is a major irritation, the surgery is not essential. The second Doctor told me over the phone yet he could schedule it to be done within a few months, I saw him last December. He is a Veterans Administration Doctor, and a Veteran so we speak the same language. He performed an exam and said although it’s a fast-moving Cataract he’s confident contrary to the first opinion there are no underlying complications. He also added the one in my left eye is rapidly catching up to the one on the right, I may be temporarily blind for a while. Now due to C-19, it has been delayed until a date in the unknown future, that’s the way things are.

Update: My VA Doctor called me 4/22/2020 to tell me eye surgery will most likely resume during June at the Veterans Clinic. I received a letter on the 24th stating my first appointment is scheduled for May 22, 2020, with the Cataract surgery to be performed towards the middle of June, the second one will then be in the middle of July.

Life without being able to read is nearly unbearable for me, Mrs. Lebec suggested opening an audiobook account with Amazon. I took the advice. For a nominal fee of $14.95 per month (why do they need a monthly fee?), one is given a choice of several free books each month. There are some good titles, after reading two the monthly fee pays for itself, one advantage is the system forces me to read books I never would have considered prior to subscribing.

Totally irrelevant photograph he does look Charles Dickenish doesn’t he? It’s the depth of perception that is hard for me to deal with, the blurriness doesn’t help at all. I’m still heading forward with my snowman project.

The bad part is, Television is hard for me to view, not only is it hard to read the closed captions and see the picture, I’m nearly deaf being unable to hear it. Audiobooks are relaxing, they take a lot of the work it takes me to read out of the equation. Behind every dark cloud is a silver lining, behind that is a bolt of lightning. I have read listened to one book every 4 days. Each has to be bought for a price from $10.00 skyward. The first two weeks I’ve been a member I have spent $125.00, yeh wow. My interest is not in the top ten books of the month selections, most are old. The first 4 were written between 1990 and 2005, one other 19th century.

I thought there must be another way, I certainly don’t expect them to be free; someone has to pay the narrator. Who by the way are all very good I would have to really nit-pick to rate them negatively, I decided to look around (google) to find what if anything is available. After just a very few searches, none of which the word “free” was used. (I’m not a fan of searching for fee stuff unless it’s craigslist then I wouldn’t fetch it anyway, I may write a blog on that.) Low and behold our county (Contra Costa, California.) offers free audiobooks. Thousands of them all it takes is a bit of figuring out how it works.

Another totally out of context photograph. It was fun to make, I will get back to wood work after the garden is set up.

I am currently listening to “Great Expectations” by Charles Dickens, it is pure pleasure with a nominal price of $25. It’s well worth it, I am able to borrow the same title from the library free of charge for a month. Three days is all I need if I don’t listen to the selection twice which is allowed. I have found when the book is completed I listen to them over again, it’s a habit I started when I was young; I spent a lot of time in my home town library. Growing up poor it was a quiet safe haven for me, I liked the soft-spoken librarians, the bright lights and I loved the Dewey Decimal System. I knew I could never be a priest (or even an altar boy, another blog I suppose, (but I hesitate to write about my rocky relationship with religion). I wanted to be a librarian instead, I liked everything about the library. As it ended up I was too rough around the edges, could not afford college and the Vietnam War was in full tilt, we had a choice Army, Navy, Marine Corps, or Air Force; I chose Navy, kind of.

One of my favorite totally irrelevant pictures

A full circle of my life has occurred once again in my golden years, or are they silver years? I’ll call them my full circle years, I don’t feel old. My Mother-in-law is 98 years old and reads a book a week, she has read all of the best sellers and some from the bookcase that are decades old; she is a wonder. I plan on borrowing another Charles Dickens classic “Bleak House”, I’ve read it previously; I feel it needs to be re-visited. I read his books because he is a master at descriptions of the scenes and characters; he is also a magician with grammar. He wrote entire paragraphs using no periods, choosing instead colons, semi-colons, commas, hyphens, and whatever else he thought of to toss into a sentence; perhaps an irrelevant picture?

I’ll let you know how it goes.

Jacques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

3 responses to “My Reading Has Been Saved; By Audio-Books.”

  1. So glad you found the library access. I’ve been reading a book every one to two days borrowing from my local Carnegie Library. At first I didn’t like the audio book because my mind wandered. But after a few books, I decided that was a rest for my eyes. It does make a difference sometimes with the voice of the reader. It fits or doesn’t. Enjoy and hope you’ll soon be able to get your surgery.


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