Free Stuff for the Garden is Welcome.

I was blindsided by the weather this morning. Last night Mrs. Lebec told me rain was expected overnight, I heard the opposite. There are many different weather predictions, every day, the one I pay attention to is normally wrong, hers is reliably correct. Well any way it rained for most of the day, but that didn’t stop me I was still able to remain quarantined.

A lot is being cleared of trees near to me, yesterday I talked to the head honcho, asking him if I could take some wood branches. I need them later in the year for a few tables I plan on making. He said they are going to chip them all up, as they were while we talked. Any true scavenger would have asked the same question “What are you going to do with the wood chips.” I told him I could sure use a truckload of them.

They delivered them this morning, it surprised Mrs. Lebec, “Now what.” she asked me.

We need 3 cubic yards of compost, I have 1/2 yard, no one is delivering, dirt hauling is not essential I suppose. A bit more than 3 yards was dumped in the garden, I have plenty of something to grow my vegetables in. Wood chips when used support a garden well and they help control weeds. All of my boxes are 3/4 full, 10 inches from the top.

Last years solution.

I will fill them with the chips then I’ll make a larger hole than I otherwise would placing a layer of compost and worm castings on the bottom then filling in around the plant with the same. It will work well, buying time until this fall when I will redo the garden.

It’s the season for weed pulling, very exciting for the first few minutes.

Jacques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

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