A Lot of People Are on the Levee.

I don’t remember seeing as many people on the Levee as I have during the past few weeks due to the voluntary quarantine. We’re in an isolated area although living so close to the City (San Francisco), some are in vacation homes and others live here. It was my false belief that I could at least recognize the locals, not so almost every day someone new walks by. They have never met me as well, and it’s not like they just moved in some have been here nearly as long as I have.

It’s not much but it’s our Levee.

I like this quarantine as do quite a few of those I have spoken to, there’s nothing wrong with meeting new friends. Of course all and I mean every one of the dogs use my neighbors levee as a toilet, I’ve written a blog on that earlier this year. It’s actually comical and would be funnier if it wasn’t all my fault due to Skunkpuppy being such a inconsiderate ornery furry thing. I don’t mind cleaning it up, it’s worth the entertainment. What makes it funnier is everyone knows that’s the spot, some have even asked me why all the dogs use that spot. Anyway the bulk of the whole thing has increased.

Every once in a while I have to post a photo of Skunkpuppy, she can be ornery.

Our friends walked by today, Gretchen and Chris they are as delighted with this as I am. Chris told me she is saving money and has learned how to buy her groceries online. People are saving gas due to not driving as much, I know you all are aware of that.

I don’t know if it is related but the Red Wing Blackbirds have been in rebound for the past 4 years after being wiped out by the West Nile Virus. This morning there was enough of them to form a bird spiral, you know where the flock seems to fly in unison looking like a cloud. My estimate is this flock numbered around 700, 1000 would be an easier guess but I just don’t think there are that many. But 700 is still many more than last year, I am anticipating after nesting and the fledglings learn to fly the number of birds may double. There is a small Tule Reed island 1/4 mile south known as Bird Island until the birds left, it experienced a name change to Grass Island. The chirping was so loud at it’s peak of habitation at our distance hearing normal conversation was difficult. I have mentioned that to some living near it to expect a resurgence, it’s been happening for a few years.

Bird Island is the dark long shadow on the right just above center.

This is a place people can work solo still remaining isolated, quite a bit of work is being done. I watched a tree trimmer cut down a huge Cottonwood that has been learning over the slough for many years. it needed to be done if it had fallen in the water the damage it would have caused would be extensive. One of the biggest threats is the root system on a tree of that size. if it were to die rotting of the roots would begin in earnest causing a wide deep hollow spot in the berm. It would likely compromise the integrity of the Levee, failure may follow. Some wild ones are the cause of the same most notably the Beavers which have all been relocated over the past 20 years.

I have a feeling this laid back easy going life on the slough is the way we were all meant to live.

Jacques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

3 responses to “A Lot of People Are on the Levee.”

  1. Thanks, she is ornery as all get out though. We’re doing fine as I hope you are, our Governor has done a good job, in my opinion, isolating everyone. Some don’t like it too much but we’re all getting a bit worn out by the virus. I’m home most of the time normally so the people walking by are a nice break as long as we all keep our distance. Thanks


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