Missed Opportunities; Slow to Grab the Camera.

It’s early spring and the critters are moving around gathering material for their nests. I watched two Rabbits carry bundles of weeds in their mouths (kind of) making numerous trips up the Levee. Their nesting site is under the stairs on the empty lot next door, they have been using that spot for at least 5 years.

Just one of hundreds.

Thinking of nothing for a while other than watching them I finally fetched my camera and set it up. As luck would have it I witnessed the last trip for the day, after waiting for 15 minutes or so I placed the old antique back in it’s case. I was resigned to wait for the next opportunity.

I didn’t have to wait long, the Canadian Honkers flew North to South above the slough; again I watched them. Across the River I saw a large bird streak down into the pasture on the far side, then another followed by more. The Geese were from a flock passing overhead, a total of 12 birds dived onto the pasture behind the Levee. I failed to pick up the camera again, there are times I forget what i am all about this was one of those times. I missed the Geese, but tomorrows another day.

This time of year the Geese blend in with the background well. This photo demonstrates how well camouflaged they are.

This morning sitting in the garden taking in the sights, watching the few cars passing by speeding. Jack told me a young man was pulled over for speeding, his excuse to the officer was there was no-one on the road in front of him. I remember those foggy headed days.

Anyways; This morning while sitting in the garden (restart) a flock of Pelicans was far overhead, much too distant for either of my cameras so I was unable to take a photo. They are interesting birds that fly long distances at high altitudes over the Sierra Nevada’s to the Eastern slope. They build their nests then raise their chicks in Nevada. The fledglings have a mere few months to master flying and get into the best physical condition possible for the flight home. They don’t catch a commercial flight, instead flying nearly as high they traverse the mountains that are the backbone of California. It’s a long journey, 400 miles or more depending upon where their habitat is. Some layover on Franks tract just across the Island others don’t rest until they reach the Pacific Ocean 50 miles further.

Passing under the Pelican flock was a raptor, in my attempt to identify it again I did not reach for the camera. If I had of gotten a photo identifying the big bird would have been a snap. I chose instead to visually guess, I don’t know what species it was. It could have been a Red-Tailed Hawk, Osprey, or possibly a Red Shouldered Hawk, it’s around here frequently I will be ready next time. It would have been a good picture if I was just a bit quicker on the draw. I have seen the bird a other times thinking it is a Northern Harrier, that would be a rare sighting as they are few and far between locally.

I have an excuse for missing the Turkey flock flying over the slough the other day and that is simply they surprised me.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Jacques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

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