A Patient Died, My Grand-Daughter is in Crisis.

These sad days filled with worry will come to an end one day, I hope my Grand-Daughter doesn’t pay the price. She’s an EMT attending to all C-19 Patients in Fresno it’s non-stop for her and she saw the Elephant today.

A lady was in her Ambulance talking with her she was extremely ill from the virus, The patient passed out withering away; Alice gave her CPR to no avail. The lady died en-route to the hospital, Alice thought she had made it.

Alice’s supervisor told her to take several days off, mental stress, telling her that it happens, it will happen again, it’s going to become more frequent.

I saw things in South-East Asia teenagers should never see, Alice just saw one of them a person never gets over it. She’s 21 and I have no words, there are no condolences and no family members can see the lady now. It’s a tragedy of immense proportions, she and Heather (My step-daughter Nurse in San Francisco) are my hero’s.

Jacques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

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  1. I wish there were a “support and empathy” button rather than a “like” button, but it will have to do. 😦


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