My Grand-daughter EMS has Corona-Virus after Treating 5 patients that are infected.

My 21 year old Grand-daughter who is an EMS just tonight gave CPR to a 45 year old lady severely ill with Corona-virus. The company she works for gives her one pair of gloves and one face-mask per day and told her to keep it safe between patients. This is the 5th exposure she has had, she has the virus I am sure. Her supervisor told her two weeks ago to talk to her family to prepare us for the worse. This is in Fresno, California who normally has their act together, the Federal Government is sabotaging us.

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3 responses to “My Grand-daughter EMS has Corona-Virus after Treating 5 patients that are infected.”

  1. Fodder. Collateral damage. The ones talking when they know what they say is false. Time wasted instead of preparing. Money spent on foolish projects instead of securing and gathering supplies for emergencies like this – and they had warning (2005 a Chinese doc warned about the sloppiness and hazard of those biolabs)
    My niece, a EMS who became a nurse had it, but luckily recovered. Med school friends of my daughter who are now docs on the front lines are relaying horror stories. Docs and nurses react by instinct to save lives regardless of their own safety. Will keep you and yours in our prayers.

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