Who Needs a Routine Anyway? Everyone or is it Just Me?

Have you ever read an article or in this case a blog initially not thinking too much about it until a few days later it’s still stuck in your head? It happened to me this week, I believe it was Tuesday, unfortunately, I do not follow the writer now I can’t locate the blog. It was rather drab the first time and only time I read it, I wanted to re-visit and read it closer.

I normally don’t like reading the “list” type of entries because they are mostly so closely worded to one another it seems repetitive. This one was different, it was written about his daily routine, as I recall it was a 30-35 point bullet list. Just that is what raised my curiosity as to what in the world this person did to prepare for the day.

It started out with waking up, it was incredibly detailed, and continued until bedtime for the evening some 12 hours later. I don’t want to sound cruel but the ding-dong bells were going off in my head. “Sheesh,” I said to myself, “I thought I was eccentric.” That was an OK thought I suppose but there was something else I overlooked until I had time to think a little more about it.

The message wasn’t so much a discussion about his/her routine but how important a routine is. As the writer described activities winding through music, reading, and cooking with the intent of getting comfortable in his/her own skin writing was never mentioned He/She was preparing to write, I gathered there was a novel in the works.

I realized that I had lost my routine. During the past two weeks, a lot has happened, well a lot for me anyway, I made a trip to Denver, Mrs. Lebec had a show (she’s a pro Dancer), then over Labor day we had family and babysat for a 9-month-old. It knocked me off of my kilter, I had lost my rhythm forgetting all about my routine.

Here’s another character that lost it’s routine, that’s how I felt last week.

The blog made me realize my daily rhythm was interrupted after a few days I lost it. I am a creature of habit when I miss a beat I feel something is amiss but most of the time not realizing what it is. I felt that way last week, something was not right in my world. Yeh, I am eccentric also, the rituals mean things and they are important to keep me on track.

Yesterday I realized it and today I started it up again, I am back on track. I have coffee on the Riverside deck, sometimes sitting there all day thinking and watching the day go by. Other days I am eager to get started on a project I conceived earlier in the morning. My day begins waking up around 5 am but not getting out of bed, laying there my mind runs at hyper-speed with a mix of thoughts. That is when the ideas for blogs come from, projects I’m working on, or a combination of many other thoughts and ideas.

I have to have a cup of “used” coffee first thing, my first advisor tells me it’s not good to drink day-old java so I have to race her to the kitchen before she dumps it out. I do not like wasting anything especially food, drinking the micro-wave enhanced brew makes me feel as if I am conserving. I gotta have Swiss Miss in it if there is enough for a second cup I rush to down the stuff in the cup.

It keeps me aligned in the morning.
Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

My binoculars, camera, and video recorder are near ready to spring into action. Settling into the routine watching the Rabbits, Coyotes, and other critters as they show themselves it tells me the world is doing fine.

It’s where and when I parse my ideas for blogs whether they will post on Medium or WordPress and if they are even suitable to write. One example is lately I have been thinking about habitat Mars, it has engulfed me in thought. Whatever else it is it’s not blog material, it involves enough to fill many books, it would end up being an opinion piece that I have no knowledge of. Those types of thoughts are valuable however, it is part of my morning routine, the Universe helps keep me grounded.

I regret not following the writer, in retrospect, it was written with insight and passion. To show just how out to lunch I am, whether it was posted on WordPress or Medium I don’t recall which means I will never be able to find it again. Routines are important, think about it you may discover yours, I believe we all have them. If you read that blog send me the link, thanks.

Jacques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

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